Sponsored: Lipton and the Muppets Ask All of Us to ‘#BeMoreTea’

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02/28/2014 12:41 PM |


Brr, Brooklyn! The weather outside is (still) frightful but with Lipton tea we know just how to warm you up. Don’t believe us? New York’s favorite green frog Kermit is here to tell you to ‘Be More Tea’, with Lipton’s new global campaign inviting you to ‘look up’ and take in all life has to offer. And how convincing are our favorite furry friends? With the Muppets spreading the love we can’t help but forget about the snow and add a little skip in our step as we hop on the L train or bike over the Brooklyn Bridge.

With the ‘Be More Tea’ campaign encouraging a playful, fun, and unique sense of self, the Muppets totally have Brooklyn’s back. As New York City’s most creative borough, we pride ourselves in breaking outside of the every day norm. ‘Be More Tea’ is here to remind us that it’s not about what you’re doing, but about how you’re doing it. See how big “#normcore” is? You can wear the clothes a nineties dad, you just have to rock it like a millennial. Check out the video after the jump and Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Animal will show you how.


The video captures the hustle and bustle we experience every day in New York, along with the small moments that remind us why this is the best city on the planet. Whether it’s slowing down the day with a nice cup of tea at your favorite Bay Ridge diner or swigging a refreshing iced tea before catching the new Muppets flick in Williamsburg, the Muppets are here to tell us sit back, relax, and enjoy. In a world filled with high-stress wild-in-the-street types like Animal (or, say, one of those people handing out flyers), you have to take time to enjoy life and ‘Be More Tea’.

This post was sponsored by Lipton Tea.