The Lorimer “Hipster” Newsstand Is No More

02/10/2014 2:48 PM |


  • Photo via NYDN

As quickly as it came, the so-called “hipster newsstand” in the hallway of the Lorimer-Metropolitan stop has shut down, having had a pretty successful seven month run in the location (and inspired a lot of eye-rolling hipster jokes along the way).


As part of the MTA’s initiative to rent out small spaces to artists (rent was $4,000/month), the stand trafficked mostly in zines, artisanal foods, and limited periodicals (a nice change of pace from US Weekly and stale packages of Chuckles, if you ask us). Organizers from Alldayeveryday, which was responsible for the project, told Brooklyn Paper, “We expected it to be open for one month, but it was successful, so we kept rolling it over and rolling it over for six more months.” Stay tuned to see what moves into the space next—hopefully something that also keeps a steady supply of McClure’s chips on hand.

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