The Best Shopping in Brooklyn

03/26/2014 4:00 AM |

— Miscellaneous —

Best Regular Guitar

1979 Stratocaster, $1,800

Or the 1964 Gibson Firebird, or the 1972 Fender Mustang, or the 1964 Holiday Stratotone. While Main Drag has a boggling array of drums, synthesizers, pedals, and amps, the place is a haven for vintage-guitar nerds. You can easily spend hours locked into a practice room, trying one after another. We recently had fun with a wine-red ’79 Strat featuring those classic single-coil Fender pickups. Main Drag, 330 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

Best Pencil

Tourne Red/Blue Editor, $1

Yes, it’s common these days to find editors editing in pen—if they’re editing on paper at all! And though computers have also rendered the need for different colored leads obsolete, one of our editors says, when pressed, that “gentlemen”—and ladies—“edit with pencil.” If you’re going to be a wretch, you could at least not be ink-stained. Brook Farm General Store, 75 S. 6th Street, Williamsburg

Best Bag of Sand

50 lb. Bag of Sand, $3.50

You never know when you might need a big heavy bag of sand, right? So pick one up here while you’re shopping for decently priced lumber, plumbing accessories, PVC pipe, chains and doorknobs. Buy several bags and get DIY on a beach project this summer. On your roof, fuck it. Pick up a big yard umbrella while you’re at it. Fuck yeah. Oriental Lumber, 1154 Flushing Avenue,

Best Gravestone

Simple Ground-Level Granite Marker, Approx. $200

Gravestones galore can be ordered up like sandwiches at this solemn establishment run by a very friendly fellow. Speaking of sandwiches, you can also buy bread here. Wonderful bread. Delicious bread. The bread of life, really—Italian style, carted in daily from a great bakery in Bensonhurst. You could also just go to Bensonhurst. Grande Monuments, 382 Graham Avenue, Williamsburg

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