MFA Thesis Shows: Class of 2014

04/23/2014 9:00 AM |

Students, faculty, staff and sometimes outside curators put a lot of work—perhaps here understood rather literally as blood, sweat and tears—into assembling second-year-ending, degree-requirement-completing, MFA-culminating thesis exhibitions. All that, of course, is quite obvious. A whole lot less than obvious, though, is exactly when and where these shows take place; “end of spring semester” is vague, and exhibits are not necessarily mounted where respective programs are housed. So pay close attention to the following dates and locations if you’re planning to see what various classes of 2014 have been toiling away at. The students will most certainly appreciate your attendance, attention and questions. (Ok, they might be sick of answering questions.) Information below is provided in brief—and accurate at the time of this writing, at least—so be sure to consult program websites and blogs for full descriptions of shows, where applicable, and names of exhibiting students.


Hunter College is dividing its thesis shows into two separate exhibitions, both in the 205 Hudson Street building. The first runs from April 24-May 10, and the second from May 22-June 7. Parsons (The New School) will hold its show, curated by Niels Van Tomme, at The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th Street, from April 25-May 3. NYU graduates are divided into three exhibits, all in the school’s 80 Washington Square East location. The first has passed, but the second is from April 23-May 3, and the third from May 14-24. Graduates of City College’s DIAP program will do public exhibitions in various locations from late April to mid-May. The first of their many time-and-date specific events is an opening reception on the evening of April 25 at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, 323 W. 39th Street, but many shows will be mounted at their campus uptown. SVA will have its opening on May 1, in its 133 W. 21st Street location, and it will run through May 3. SUNY Purchase graduates will be coming to town with a thesis show at The Highline Loft, 508 W. 26th Street, from May 9-16. The New York Studio School, located at 8 W. 8th Street, will run its show at home, May 7-21. Graduates of The New York Academy of Art will also exhibit at home, 111 Franklin Street, from May 20-June 6.

Putting final touches on Possible as a Pair of Shoes, Brooklyn Colleges MFA show at Showroom Gowanus. Photo by Christina Malfitano.

  • Putting final touches on “Possible as a Pair of Shoes,” Brooklyn College’s MFA show at Showroom Gowanus. Photo by Christina Malfitano.


Already on exhibit at The Boiler, 191 N. 14th Street, is Pratt’s “Archives of the Collective,” curated by Omar Lopez Chahoud. It’s up through April 25. “Possible as a Pair of Shoes,” curated by Sharon Butler, is Brooklyn College’s MFA show. It will be at Showroom Gowanus, 460 Union Street, from April 25-May 4. Storefront Ten Eyck, 324 Ten Eyck Street, is currently exhibiting Yale Sculpture 2014. The show runs through May 18. Not a thesis show but noteworthy all the same is an exhibit of works by SUNY Purchase BFA students at Associated Gallery, 566 Johnson Avenue. Organized by Lauren Britton, with artworks selected by Kathy Bradford, the show opens on April 26.


The MFA graduates of Queens College already held their thesis show, “Explorations: Revisited,” in late March at One Art Space in Manhattan. Swapping boroughs with those MFA students, then, is Columbia’s 2014 class, whose thesis show, curated by Ruba Katrib, will be hosted by the Fisher Landau Center for Art, 38-27 30th Street, in Long Island City. It will run from April 28 to May 19.

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