Sponsored: Escape to the Country with FarmVille 2

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05/21/2014 2:10 PM |


Let’s face it; if you live in Brooklyn, you—like us at The L—embrace being a city dweller. We love to spot the wackiest ensembles on the street, we can’t survive with fewer than five great takeout options in our area, and we’ve mastered the art of squeezing into a crowded L train just before the doors close (sorry, fellow commuters). Yet even the most metropolitan of us sometimes dreams of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of it all and heading out to the country. Of course, this is before the reality sets in of just how far away from our favorite iced latte we’ll be. That’s why we love FarmVille 2: Country Escape, a perfect way to fulfill our country cravings without straying from the comforts of home.


The video above shows what a delightful escape it can be to get out to the “country,” maintain your farm, and get those crops growing, even when you’re surrounded by the chaos of your everyday life. We can totally identify with the urge to grow a giant flower in the middle of our office, real or imagined! Seasonal allergies be damned, this is one Country Escape that we can all get behind.

And as if you needed more reason to play, the game has plenty of fun new features. Our favorite is definitely the offline play mode—because who doesn’t love a good excuse to avoid eye contact on the subway? This version of the game also steps up the need for resource management skills (wait, can we add that one to our LinkedIn profile?), which gives the game an edge of strategic challenge.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is available to play anytime, anywhere; what are you waiting for?

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