Sponsored: Let’s Feed Our People with City Harvest

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05/07/2014 10:55 AM |


As much as we like to fawn over the latest culinary trend-foods, we New Yorkers can sometimes forget that more than 1.4 million people face hunger in this city every year. And while things like “cronuts” are doled out on a limited basis, there are plenty of places across the city that we can rescue excess food to bring it to the New Yorkers who really need it. For those less fortunate, City Harvest is helping to find places. You might have experienced this if you’ve ever lived near an overstocked bagel shop (left over bagels are probably the best foraging we’ve ever done), or maybe there’s some left over produce from the local farmer’s market that could be loaded into the City Harvest trucks. You can provide some excess food to reach the alarming number of New Yorkers in need by donating. Watch the video after the jump for an idea of their mission and an idea of the kind of people that could really use your help:


You can visit the City Harvest website today to donate both food and funds to the cause. You can also sign up to help by becoming a City Harvest volunteer and rescue the food first hand. However you decide to get involved, just make sure to help City Harvest feed the nearly 2 million New Yorkers who face hunger each year. Let’s make this city a place with fewer mouths to feed. Let’s feed our people.

This post is sponsored by City Harvest.