How Will Uber Impact the Taxi Business?

06/04/2014 4:00 AM |

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I don’t think it’s a big deal. It might become a bigger one, but there are other drivers who are convinced normal cabs won’t exist in a few years, and I think that’s crazy. Cabs will always be around. Did you hear how Uber gets really expensive when a lot of people want it? People won’t want to use it all the time because of that, to say nothing of how creepy it is to just get into some random guy’s car.

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Uber isn’t a big deal. People use it when they can’t get a cab, so I don’t think cabs will disappear with it. Not long ago I picked people up outside Madison Square Garden and the line for cabs was huge. If Uber drivers were there, it isn’t like cabs would’ve lost customers. I do think cab services should improve technology so people can get cabs through their phones easier, though.

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I heard that a lot of people use Uber drivers to run errands for them, or to deliver packages or whatever. That’s not what I do, so if that’s what it’s used for, I don’t think it would impact me very much. I wouldn’t deliver your packages for you.

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I’m a little worried about it. Buying a taxi medallion is really expensive, and we all work really hard to be drivers. I don’t think anyone who has a car should just be allowed to decide that they want to be a driver today and take work away from me. They don’t have my experience and haven’t been certified in the same ways, but if they can undercut me on price I’m out of a job. That doesn’t seem right. My brother has a food cart, which is also expensive to get licensing for, and he has a similar problem with food trucks that can just drive by and take his business.