Sponsored: Fifth Third, the Curious (and Caring) Bank

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06/27/2014 11:30 AM |

As New Yorkers, we are all too familiar with that deep-seeded feeling of dread that inevitably comes with a new job search. (And if you’re not? Well, we both envy and despise you.) One of the toughest parts of looking for a job is the sense that you’re struggling through it alone, with no support. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were there to provide a shoulder for you to lean on?

In the video below, Randall tells us how he’s receiving job search assistance from an unexpected source – his bank.

As you can see from Randall’s story, Fifth Third Bank realizes how difficult the job search can be, and they’ve taken a step that’s quite innovative for their industry: they have started reaching out to their customers to offer help. Randall is just one of many who have benefitted from Fifth Third’s relationship with NextJob, a company that provides resources like job counseling and – above all – the hope and momentum to continue in the search for employment.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by Randall’s experience with Fifth Third.