The 50 Best Songs of 2014 So Far

06/24/2014 10:41 PM |

Young Widows – “Kerosene Girl”

Like a daydream Steve Albini was too embarrassed to tell anyone about, where Big Black got on alt-rock radio alongside all the bands he produced.

Mastodon – “High Road”

With riffs that demand furious air guitar and sing-along choruses that would sound better if you were wearing a denim jacket at a state fair, there’s not an ounce of academic pretension needed to enjoy this athletic strain of pop-metal.

White Lung – “Face Down”

Don’t drop those devil horns so fast! Mish Way, also, not fucking around at all.

Childbirth – “I Only Fucked You as a Joke”

In the midst of boom moment for righteously angry female-fronted punk bands (see: Priests, Perfect Pussy, etc.), the rare song that’s actually sharp, funny, and downright mean enough to hurt some shitty bro’s feelings forever.

Little Big League – “Year of the Sunhouse”

The most awesome moment of existential affirmation in rock so far this year—

“Are you still playing basement shows with the band? Doing the music thing?”

Well, yes I fucking am!”