The 50 Best Songs of 2014 So Far

06/24/2014 10:41 PM |

Planning for Burial – “Where You Rest Your Head at Night”

Though he identifies as a metal guy, New Jersey’s Thom Wasluck carries himself like a mopey shoegazer. Here he builds one dejected riff through manic repetition, layering it with solemn drums and pretty piano, until his dread fills the whole room.

The Body & Haxan Cloak – “To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me”

In service to a veteran doom metal crew from the Pacific Northwest, Bobby “Haxan Cloak” Krlic launches his improbably, yet pretty successful attempt to get darker than the album with swinging noose on the cover.

Mica Levi – “Lipstick to Void”

Micachu raises goosebumps with her brilliant Under the Skin score, approximating the exact moment where “Oh shit, I think I’m going to get laid” turns into “Oh fuck, I think I’m going to be murdered.”

Ben Frost – “Venter”

He comes from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. Also, he has a degree in biochemistry, and makes music that sounds like a White Walker’s anxiety nightmare.

Swans – “A Little God in My Hands”

A creepy post-punk legend finding new heights in his career’s third decade, Michael Gira isn’t content burning out or fading away. But his band’s got a surprising playful streak that keeps them from boring self-seriousness. The kind of groovy, definitely bizarre chorus of demon Muppets that slowly take this song over is proof enough of that.