What Not to Miss at the 2014 Northside Festival

06/04/2014 4:00 AM |

Our parent company’s darling Northside Festival (June 12-19) celebrates its sixth birthday by expanding, highlighting even more of the films and technology produced by the creative community in Brooklyn and beyond. Music, though, remains its defining aspect—and its beating heart. Four hundred bands will soon swarm Williamsburg and beyond from all over the world (or just a couple subway stops away). For four days we’ll spread out over more than two dozen venues and three outdoor stages, creating a general state of happy chaos. For four more, we’ll take over almost every movie theater and screening room in the area.

You could walk into most any venue in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, confident that something rad is about to happen. And, seriously, it’s fine with us if you put this down and go give that a shot. But for those who’d like to plot a more precise path into the madness, here’s our rundown of the most anticipated sets, the most compelling films, and the most enterprising entrepreneurs. See you on the streets!

Music Recommendations

Film Recommendations

Film: Interview, Fort Tilden

Innovation: Interview, Mario Schlosser

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