What Not to Miss at the 2014 Northside Festival

06/04/2014 4:00 AM |

Film Recommendations

We asked our curatorial partners, directors with movies in the festival, and even our own employees what they’re most looking forward to watching.

Joanna Arnow

Director, i hate myself : )
(June 19, Videology, 8:45pm)

I like watching dark comedies about characters who are confused and navigating chaos of their own making. (It makes me feel better about my life.) So I am particularly excited for Homemakers (June 16, Nitehawk, 7:15pm). I’m also looking forward to Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger, screening with “Grit & Grind,” because they’re both conversation starters. These documentaries challenge traditional ideas about queer identity as they explore historically rich subject matter. The Kate Bornstein film tells the story of a “pioneering gender outlaw” who carved out space for new identities. (June 17, UnionDocs, 7pm)

Dara Messinger

Presenter, DCTV, Kate Bornstein is a Queer
and Pleasant Danger (with “Grit & Grind”)

(June 17, UnionDocs, 7pm)
It just so happens that Joanna Arnow was an intern of mine when making her debut feature i hate myself : ). Little did I know at the time, she was delicately crafting a film so wonderfully nuanced, funny, and brave. I adore her and her film and can’t wait to see it again (June 19, Videology, 8:45pm). I’m also excited to see the New Short Shorts program from the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective (June 18, indieScreen, 7:30pm). In addition to being a sucker for the short form, I’m always in awe by the quality of work that comes from that group, and the camaraderie and support they afford to one another. We’re even throwing the DIY Filmmakers Party together (June 17, Videology, 10pm), right after DCTV’s screening of Kate Bronstein…

Misha Spivack

Director, Human Geography
(June 16, Videology, 9:30pm)
I’m definitely interested in a few of the documentaries: Seventeen, an intimate look at high school seniors in 1982 (June 19, UnionDocs, 7pm), and also Short Circuit, which is more of a blend between narrative and documentary that chronicles the filmmaker’s interactions with 70s-era NYC (June 16, UnionDocs, 6:30pm). I’m a big fan of these cinema verite-styled documentaries, particularly when these films acknowledge the reality of making the film itself.

AS Hamrah

Presenter, N1FR, Beyond the Doors
(aka Down on Us)

(June 17, UnionDocs, 9pm)

Vëra Chytilová’s Daisies has shown in revival recently, but, with its anarchic, destructive agenda, it seems after every screening more like a film for our time (June 19, Nitehawk, 9:30pm). This spirited looseness and political craziness is true of all the films of the Czech New Wave, in which Chytilová was a key figure. Their films offer cinematic and survival lessons for today. This isn’t true of Peter Jackson’s films. Not at all. But the opportunity to see his Heavenly Creatures (June 16, Nitehawk, 9:45pm) in the same festival as Daisies lets us compare and contrast two other female outsiders whose violent agenda serves a very different purpose than that of the pair in Daisies.

Henry Stewart

Culture Editor, The L Magazine
I’m most excited about what sounds like a perfect double feature. First, Summer of Blood, which I was bummed to miss at Tribeca because I’ll see anything that has Factory 25’s stamp of approval. But also—it’s a clever indie spin on the vampire movie, and it’s set in Bushwick! Then, shortly after that screening, IFC Midnight is showing The Babadook, which I’ve been jonesing to see ever since Film Comment reported it was “the most frightening” movie at Sundance. (June 18, Nitehawk, 7:15pm, 9:45pm)

Brandon Harris

Presenter, Hammer to Nail, Forty Years From Yesterday (with “The Immaculate Reception”)
(June 17, indieScreen, 7:30pm)
I’m dying to see Ne Me Quitte Pas (June 18, UnionDocs, 9pm) because I heard nothing but good things about it at Tribeca, and I’m a sucker for a formally challenging movie about drunks. And who couldn’t be mildly intrigued by a short film called “Macaulay Calkin Eating a Slice of Pizza”? (June 18, Videology, 9pm)

Jacob Perlin

Presenter, Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy Screening Series, Short Circuit
(with “Bridge High”)

(June 16, UnionDocs, 6:30pm)
Based on his short films, Craig Butta’s If You Take This seems pretty unmissable—The Road to Morocco without Hope or Crosby! I don’t know what to expect, but I know it will be something special (June 17, Nitehawk, 7:30pm). Also, Beyond the Doors (aka Down on Us). Aka?! One title was enough to get me in the door! Throw in that alternate title and who wouldn’t want to go? (June 17, UnionDocs, 9pm) 

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