Sponsored: Design Lab, A New DIY Space for Youth at New York Hall of Science

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07/25/2014 10:45 AM |

If you’re looking for unique places to take your kids this summer, look no further than Design Lab: New York Hall of Science’s newest space that taps into young visitors’ natural tendency to be inventive, creative and resourceful in finding solutions to basic engineering and design challenges.

Targeting kids and their parents, Design Lab uses common, everyday materials to emphasize that creativity is not dependent on specialized tools or expert knowledge. Instead, the activities show how expertise is achieved through experimentation, critical thinking and collaboration.

“With Design Lab, we are exploring a new form of engagement between a museum and its visitors,” said Margaret Honey, President and CEO of NYSCI. “Science museums have always been known for hands-on exhibits and participatory programs, but with Design Lab, visitors are in the driver’s seat like never before. You can think, build, test and refine your ideas, putting creative design and engineering to work as you overcome obstacles, solve problems, and point the way to a better world.”

What are the benefits? Exploring topics of design and a do-it-yourself mentality helps to stimulate thought, creativity and learning. Young visitors will want to continue pursuing their ideas outside of Design Lab (at home or school), but also return to the exhibit to continue learning and to see how other concepts have evolved.

Activities in Design Lab are free with NYSCI admission for general museum visitors. Workshops in Maker Space have small fees; check workshops for details. Camp and school groups can reserve Design Lab sessions for a fee by calling 718-699-0301 in advance of their visit.


Monday – Friday, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm;

Saturday & Sunday, 10:30 am – 5:30 pm.

NYSCI is located in Flushing Meadows/Corona Park near the Met’s Citi Field at 111th street on the 7 Train. Easy on-site parking. Admission is $11 for Adults and $8 for Children.

To learn more, visit http://nysci.org/designlab/.