The 2014 Brooklyn Restaurant Superlatives

07/02/2014 4:00 AM |

Best Burger

Fritzl’s Lunch Box Brooklyn has a lot of great burgers, but this one stands out among them all. Fritzl’s patty is made from a blend of ultra-tender beef cheek and ultra-fatty chuck. Just the patty alone would be a pretty spectacular flavor bomb, but add a blanket of cheddar, a scattering of pickles and onions, and a smear of Fritzl’s miso-aioli “secret sauce,” and you’ve got a masterpiece. 173 Irving Avenue, Bushwick

Runners-up Double Windsor, The Burger Bistro

Best Tacos

Tacos Matamoros This part of Brooklyn has no shortage of decent Mexican eateries, but Tacos Matamoros is our go-to for both the succulent carnitas and melt-in-your mouth suaderos (the best flank steak we’ve ever had). A few of these tacos and some cerveza make for the perfect twilight picnic in Sunset Park, as New York harbor twinkles majestically before you. 14508 5th Avenue, Sunset Park

Runners-up Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, Country Boys

Best French Fries

Nathan’s (the original) These crinkly fries might not be what Nathan’s is best known for, but that doesn’t mean they’re less deserving of accolades than the famous hot dogs. In fact, we’d happily take a serving of these crispy-on-the-outside, creamy-on-the-inside spuds (served with a little red Trident!) over a hot dog any day of the week. 1310 Surf Avenue, Coney Island

Runners-up Five Guys, Northeast Kingdom

Best Coffee

Blue Bottle There’s a reason it’s become a point of pride for cafes and restaurants the city over to carry Blue Bottle coffee. But we lucky Brooklynites get to go straight to the source—meaning their dizzyingly aromatic, flagship store on Berry Street—which boasts gold standard espresso culled from a lovingly restored 1958 Faema Urania lever machine, a seriously extensive drip bar, and bracing iced coffee prepared from Kyoto-
style drippers. 160 Berry Street, Williamsburg

Runners-up Grady’s Cold Brew, Oslo

Best Pizza

Totonno’s Is there anything more controversial than saying one spot in Brooklyn has the best pizza? (If so, it probably has to do with gentrification or hipsters.) We feel confident in picking Totonno’s though, because not only has this Coney Island stalwart stood the test of time, the pizza is pretty much perfect. Laden with just the right balance of sauce and fresh mozzarella on a perfectly blistered crust, we could eat this pizza by the pie till the end of time. 1524 Neptune Avenue, Coney Island

Runners-up L&B, Paulie Gee’s

Best Fried Chicken

The Commodore If you’ve ever marveled at the seminal fried chicken peddled by Pies n’ Thighs, you should know that the original recipe comes from former co-owner, Stephen Tanner, who eventually brought his craggy-crusted, hot sauce and honey butter-slathered bird bits to the beloved tiki drink den, the Commodore. 366 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg

Runners-up Sweet Chick, Peaches

Best Roast Chicken

Purbird This poultry-adulating Park Slope joint makes a truly awesome flame-licked bird, accompanied by organic, housemade sauces such as mango chutney, roasted lemon and parsley, creamy mustard or cucumber raita. But if you’d prefer not to suck it straight off the bone, that succulent chicken can also be ordered in a portable hand pie, hearty soup, juicy burger or virtuous, Greek-style chopped salad. 82 6th Avenue, Park Slope

Runners-up Bar Corvo, 606 R&D

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  • Well, there are several on this list that I haven’t tried, so I can’t say with absolute certainty, but this feels like a popularity contest for the most part. What I can say for sure is there were several of the best places in the borough left off completely, some due to a lack of category.(Asian street food? Salads?) Then there is the matter of some of this being so far of base that it is laughable. Better luck next year L.