The Rest Of Your Year In Lit

07/16/2014 4:00 AM |

Short Story Collections To Snack On

by Justin Taylor

This perfectly titled collection presents another handful of Taylor’s precisely crafted, sharply observed short stories, each one probing the boundaries of relationships in the post-post-post-modern era, or whatever it is we’re hip-deep in now.
(Harper, August)

Stone Mattress: Nine Tales
by Margaret Atwood

The ever-prolific and wickedly insightful Atwood turns her talents to short fiction for the first time since 2005. This new set of stories explores the intersection of the supernatural with science, as in a tale of a woman with a genetic disorder mistaken for vampirism and one about a lady coming to terms with a syndrome that causes her to hallucinate little people everywhere.
(Nan A. Talese, September)

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
by Hilary Mantel

A literary heavyweight in her own right, Wolf Hall author Mantel turns her pen away from the Cromwell-era historical sagas that have earned her heaps of accolades to stories set several centuries closer to ours.
(Henry Holt, September)