The Rest Of Your Year In Lit

07/16/2014 4:00 AM |

Future Christmas Presents for Music Nerds

Let’s Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain
by Alan Light

Former Rolling Stone senior editor Alan Light looks at the Purple One’s landmark album and film on the thirtieth anniversary of their release, spelunking into the weird caverns of a man who can rock a paisley cape like no other human alive.
(Atria Books, December)

Wolf in White Van
by John Darnielle

Mountain Goats frontman and lyricist Darnielle has essentially been writing short stories set to music for most of his adult life. In his first novel Wolf in A White Van, Darnielle applies his deft hand to the story of Sean Phillips, a man who created role-playing games after a grisly, mysterious injury as a teenager.
(FSG, September)

by Jude Angelini

SiriusXM hip-hop radio host Angelini, better known as “Rude Jude,” first published this compilation of autobiographical stories himself. They book was so popular, filled with observations about growing up in Detroit and getting into trouble, that it was picked up for distribution by a bigger publisher. As one Amazon writer put it, “these stories are off the chain.”
(Gallery Books, September)