Are You Traveling Anywhere This Summer?

08/13/2014 4:00 AM |

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Hails from: Massachusetts
“I have no plans to, but I definitely want to get out of the city. Living anywhere else would be boring, but never leaving drives you insane. I want to go skiing or snowboarding with a friend, but we haven’t talked about when or where, so I kind of doubt that will happen. If I could go anywhere right now, I’d probably want to do Yellowstone. I’m not really a beach person.”

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Fort Greene
Hails from: Upstate New York
“I took a couple of days earlier this month and went camping with my boy. Fishing, rafting, all stuff I did with my dad when I was my son’s age. Wasn’t really the same, though. Stuff is a lot more expensive and crowded, and my son freaked out when his phone died and he didn’t have anywhere to charge it. You try and share things with your kids, but things change.”

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Hails from: Pakistan
“Not in the summer. The summer’s a bad time to travel because there are a lot of tourists here, meaning you can make a lot of money, and it’s expensive and hot. The best time to take time off is January or February, after the holidays are over but when its still freaking cold out. If I’m going to travel somewhere I’m going to go home, near Karachi, but last year I couldn’t afford that so a friend and I drove to D.C. for a weekend trip. Neither of us had been so it felt pretty exotic.”

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Washington Heights
Hails from: Ecuador
“I just came back from a vacation in Barcelona. My wife works for British Airways, so as family I get to travel anywhere for free. I also got to fly back home for a while recently, which was great. Barcelona is beautiful, a great place to travel.”