The Best New Brooklyn Boutiques

08/13/2014 4:00 AM |


The brand’s second outpost (the other has been in Nolita since 2008) opened quietly in the space previously occupied by Mini Mini Market in June, and since then, it’s become Brooklyn’s best resource for denim lovers—which pretty much means everyone by now, right? Founder Lisa Fuller has stocked most of the space with her own denim line, which includes high-waisted black skinnies, distressed boyfriend jeans, and surprisingly wearable shorteralls for grown-ups. With Fuller’s denim, it’s all in the details—you’ll notice unusual features like subtle snakeskin pockets or military buttons on each pair, and also some not-so-subtle ones, like built-in suspenders. While her jeans now occupy stock in over 120 stores around the world, find them in their true home here, along with jewelry, dreamcatchers and silk tops from other big brands like Mink Pink, Pamela Love, and Mai Fujiwara. Stock up before fall, and you’ll be able to shop Fuller’s new line of loose-fit tees, too. Fun fact: Jenny Slate recently named a pair of Courtshop high-waisted jeans as her favorite post-breakup outfit because “they make my butt look like a big ‘ole heart. I feel really loud and proud when I wear those jeans.” And isn’t that what jeans are all about, anyway?

218 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg