The Best New Brooklyn Boutiques

08/13/2014 4:00 AM |

Leisure Life NYC

Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill is replete with bars, restaurants, and art stores, supplying the kids at nearby Pratt, but one thing it’s not yet known for is retail. But that didn’t matter to clothier Charnier Corey, who opened Leisure Life NYC last summer between Emerson and Classon, next to a bar, naturally.

A store right there would do well to create an inviting atmosphere, and Leisure Life NYC does just that. It feels like a secret, one you don’t want to keep. It’s also the fully realized vision of one man, with a love of sports memorabilia, leather accessories, and vintage fashion in the outdoor dandy mold. Not that Corey hasn’t got a little help from his friends: there’s a well-curated selection from small brands like Monsuun, which makes ties and pocket squares; Stone Island, which makes nylon outdoor vests; and Bobby Joseph, who’ve provided military coats, a camouflage shirt with reworked suede sleeves, and a line of one-off teddy bears, upholstered in bright fabrics or leather.

These nestle up against leather backpacks and duffel bags, vintage Starter and satin varsity jackets, oversize flannel shirts from Pendleton and Ralph Lauren, and items from Leisure Life’s house line, which include tweed varsity jackets, oxford button-ups in multiple fabrics, crew neck sweaters, and a wool and cashmere blend overshirt, perfect for autumn. You’ll want to tell all your friends.

559 Myrtle Avenue,
Clinton Hill