The Best New Brooklyn Boutiques

08/13/2014 4:00 AM |


Like many of its neighbors, Feltraiger is an LES-to-Brooklyn transplant, now cozily at home in Williamsburg. The store’s new location is handsome, rugged, and a bit industrial, though its character is softened by the hardwood flooring and reclaimed wood details in its shelves and displays. Feltraiger’s heavy-duty, LA-made menswear includes motorcycle jackets, Chippewa brand boots, hefty plaid shirts, no-nonsense skinny chinos, above-the-knee cargo shorts, and at least one model of camouflage cargo vest. If Filson and Urban Outfitters had a lovechild, Feltraiger might be it. Its overall aesthetic might best be described as “American Hipster Butch,” in the best possible way.

The store is one-stop shopping for the sophisticated urban greaser, and so naturally also sells pomade, as well as eyeglasses (non-prescription), and a branded plate puller, which allows for easy removal of motorcycle license plates. Almost all the store’s inventory comes from the Feltraiger private label, and the two brothers who co-founded the store, Jon and Dan Feldman, hope the wares they sell are of a high enough quality to last generations. So whether you’re outfitting for a motorcycle rally up Bedford or only dressing to impress at Union Pool, Feltraiger probably has just what you’re looking for.

155 Grand Street, Williamsburg