The Best New Brooklyn Boutiques

08/13/2014 4:00 AM |

Rosebud Vintage

Nestled in what feels like a miniature city block within a city block, between microshops Wedge (cheesemongers), Little Zelda (coffee, tea, pastries), Stork (kids’ clothes), and the Crown Inn bar, Rosebud Vintage is the oh-so-precious cherry on top of this twee Franklin Avenue sundae. Though the show room may be smaller than most bedrooms you’ll find in this part of town, the inventory doesn’t crowd the browser. The stock is womenswear, but one should not overlook the small selection of books and dishware toward the back, both charming in their eclectic makeup.

Fanciful dresses organized by color hang on one side of the room, and on a wall by the front window is arranged a small collection of small hats. The walls are decorated with vintage photographs (which may or may not be for sale), and a glass display case by the front houses a charming array of jewelry, both antique and contemporary. Rosebud Vintage is the perfect spot to find a conversation piece, a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend, or the perfect pillbox hat for the Jazz Age Lawn Party. After shopping, it’s either high tea or happy hour, and either way you’ll be decked out appropriately. And as an added bonus? There’s ample bike parking for shoppers and browsers alike.

726 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights