This Sunday at Brooklyn Flea: Marnie Stern, Cayetana, Motion Studies and Crazy Pills

09/17/2014 2:53 PM |

So let’s talk about this Sunday. We’ll be kicking off the “Northside Concert Series at Brooklyn Flea,” which is an adequately self-explanatory tittle for a run of free concerts happening during the Brooklyn Flea at 50 Kent every Sunday throughout the first weekend of October. What’s not self-explanatory is how excited we are about the lineups.

This week we have gleeful garage rock from Crazy Pills (3pm), disco-dusted pop from Motion Studies (3:35pm), unaffected punk from Philly’s Cayetana (4:15pm), and a solo set by kinetic guitar shredder/supreme stage banterer Marnie Stern (5pm) to top off the day. My iPhone’s weather app promises 81 degrees and sun, which, frankly, is unfair to anyone unable to join us at 50 Kent. When in a couple months the earth is gray and frozen, we can look back on the day we bought a set of vintage cutlery while listening to a garage-disco-punk-rock spread, and happily conclude that Brooklyn is the best place in the world.

Gates to the Williamsburg Flea at 50 Kent (Kent Ave & North 12th St) will open at 10am, per usual, with music at 3pm and wrapping up around 6pm for all shows in the series. Keep an eye here for more info on September 28’s installment with Twin Peaks and October 5’s with Small Black. For the sake of explanation, we are VERY excited.