The 25 Best Happy Hours In Brooklyn

10/08/2014 4:00 AM |

Best Happy Hour Where You Should Also Eat a Full Dinner


This Bedford Avenue spot has plenty of good happy hour deals: $1 baked clams, $4 draft beer, $5 draft Red Hook wine. But we think its best happy hour special is the $14 beer-and-crispy chicken sandwich. First, that’s a full meal right there, because the sandwich comes with perfectly crisped and salted fries, as well as terrific pickles. But more importantly, Allswell makes the best damned chicken sandwich we’ve ever had (the secret is that there’s fairy dust or maybe crack on it), making this the perfect place to get a bargain dinner and drink. 124 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Best for Cheap Canadian Beer


Ok, so what might actually make Mayfield a stand-out happy hour destination is its $1 oyster selection. Sure, there are plenty of places to get oysters for a buck (even right here on this very list!) but at Mayfield you don’t just get your average, throw-away Blue Points. Instead you’ll get perfectly prepared, delicate, briny Malpeques. The window is short—from 5-6:30—so plan wisely, and also don’t forget to down as many $3 Canadian Labatts as you can stomach. 688 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

Best Double Trouble Happy Hour

Krupa Grocery

This new-ish Windsor Terrace spot offers not one but two happy hours nightly, so you have twice the chance to get twice as drunk and half as much money as you’d usually spend. So between 3-6 pm and then again between 10pm and midnight, you can enjoy $2 off all tap beer and wine. Yes! And while it isn’t part of the deal, we highly recommend you supplement those cheap drinks with house-made charcuterie, or Krupa’s delicious deviled eggs. Yum. 231 Prospect Park West, Windsor Terrace

Best, Wait, Worst Happy Hour (or At Least, Most Overrated)


Sometimes you hear about how great a happy hour is over and over again and even if you’ve never been there you believe it must be true. Such was the case with us and Chavela’s, which we were sure HAD to be great due to all the praise it received. Then, well, we went. Sure, our expectations were high, but also? Those cheap margaritas? Are undrinkable, neon green, sugar-laden sludge. And the cheap tacos? Are not as fresh as what you’d get at Taco Bell. You could still go and enjoy a $3 beer, we guess, but why bother? Go somewhere where everything you could get will be delicious and similarly cheap. 736 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

Best Happy Hour to Ruin Your Monday

The Three Diamond Door

Standard enough happy hour stuff during the week, 4-8, with $1 off drafts, wells and cocktails. Saturdays and Sundays, though, get crazy giddy with 8 hours of good times starting at noon. Note: Prosecco on tap. Note: Monday’s fucked. 211 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick

Left Photographs by Dan Derby; Right Photo by Austin Mcallister

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