The Under the Radar Restaurant Awards

10/22/2014 4:00 AM |

There’s a thing that happens when you publish an issue centered around awarding restaurants: you get bombarded with emails from publicists who want you to award their clients. And so it would be really, really easy to compose a list based only on these usually new, frequently excellent, almost always well-funded restaurants. It would be easy, yes, but it would also be unfair. There are so many great Brooklyn restaurants the fly under the radar because they don’t have publicists or because they’ve been around for awhile and their greatness gets forgotten or because a similarly themed restaurant has stolen all the, let’s say, ramen-based thunder. So we decided to celebrate those places, the ones that don’t generally get selected for restaurant award lists, but really deserve the accolades anyway. Maybe you’ve eaten at some of these places before, but haven’t been back in a while. Maybe you’ve never even heard of some of these spots, or even the neighborhoods they’re in. Give them all a chance—you won’t regret it.