The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

11/19/2014 10:00 AM |





Membership to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

If your mother has a green thumb (or a wannabe green thumb), there’s no better inspiration than the rambling floral beds of the BBG.

Brooklyn Slate Cheeseboard

The holiday season means attending parties, and maybe hosting one yourself. These boards are sourced from the company’s family quarry in upstate New York, and each is packaged with a burlap bag, soapstone chalk, and anti-slip padded feet.


Raaka Chocolate Gift Box

Eight delicious, made-in-Brooklyn chocolate bars in eight awesome, unique flavors (uh, maple & nibs? yes!) will thoroughly indulge mom’s sweet tooth.

Stinky Brooklyn Cheese of the Month Club

What mom wouldn’t want pungent wheels of Ewe’s Blue, earthy hunks of Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and funky slabs of Brebirousse d’Argental (plus a complimentary condiment) delivered to her doorstep each month?


Joya Foxglove Perfume

Joya founder Frederick Bouchardy says the inspiration for his latest scent (available in a gorgeous mossy green porcelain bottle) was the smell of New York; for Bouchardy, this does not mean the fetid smell of garbage on a hot summer day, but rather a combination of saltmeadow cordgrass, hyacinth leaves, jasmine, and white cedar. We approve.
$112, parfum, or $28, roll-on;

Helen Levi Artist’s Pitcher

Artfully splattered with paint à la Jackson Pollock, this porcelain wheelthrown pitcher from mega-talented Helen Levi will be a much-loved addition to your mother’s table.

The Mini Britten Handbag

If anyone deserves to be spoiled, it’s probably your mom.Do so this holiday season by giving her this perfect little purse, handmade in New York with leather sourced from upstate farms. Ethical and fashionable? Perfect.


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