The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

11/19/2014 10:00 AM |

Extended Family


Death Is Not The End: The Work of Alexander Heir, Circadian Press

For the Art-Loving Nihilist Sibling
Remind your sibling that you wish it was Halloween too by gifting the horror-inspired poster art of Brooklyn-based punk artist, Alexander Heir.
$65; Book, tote, and t-shirt

Ample Hills ice cream delivery

For the Sibling with a Sweet Tooth
The Prospect Heights creamery offers six-packs of pints delivered next-day on dry ice for optimum ice cream enjoyment. Who says that summer is the only time to enjoy a sundae?
$60 for six pints;

Twee, by Marc Spitz

For the Little Brother Who Thinks He Knows More About Music Than You Do
School him, ever so gently, in what rock critic Marc Spitz calls “the most powerful youth movement since punk and hip-hop” with an in-depth look at twee pop and its reach across literature, television, fashion, and film. Include a few seminal Brooklyn works referenced in the book—e.g. Sufjan’s Illinois, Baumbach’s The Squid & the Whale, Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup—and let him know it’s ok to cry.
$16.99; Powerhouse Books, 37 Main Street, DUMBO

Rookie Yearbook 3

For Your Cousin Who Just Started NYU and Can’t Wait to Run Into Tavi Downtown Because Of Course That Will Happen
Sure, your cousin might find a how-to tutorial and bug you to let her do your hair like Frida Kahlo, but at least she’s not pestering you to do your hair like Kim Kardashian.
$29.95; Community Bookstore, 143 7th Avenue, Park Slope

Grooming Session at Bushwick Bark

Brother Who Loves His Dog More Than Anything—or Anyone—Else
Because every time you give him socks he just gives them to the dog anyways.
Contact the store for pricing and appointments; Bushwick Bark, 175 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick

“With Love from Brooklyn” Gift Baskets

For Grandparents Who Are Still Unsure About This Whole “Brooklyn” Thing
To Grandma, “living in Brooklyn” means that you’re squatting in a rat-infested tenement with drug dealers on the corner. But you can at least assuage her fears about whether or not you’re eating well, with a hyper-local assortment of Kings County Jerky, Early Bird Granola, Nunu Chocolates, Anarchy in a Jar Marmalade, and Frankie’s 457 Olive Oil.
From $45;

Butternut Brooklyn’s Geometric Wooden Fridge Magnets

For the Aunt You Don’t See All That Much of, But Need to Buy Something Nice For
Granted, we tack to-do lists to our fridge using flimsy magnetic freebies from a Williamsburg vape shop and our local vet, but your Aunt deserves something just a touch classier—like these jewel-shaped nuggets hand carved from walnut and maple, backed by incredibly rare (and incomparably strong) earth magnets.
$8 each, ButternutBrooklyn on

Breuckelen Distilling Oaked Glorious Gin

Uncle Who Loves His Gin
Not a drop of liquid produced by Breuckelen Distilling is anything less than top-shelf, but their amber-colored oaked gin is particularly precious and would delight even a non-gin-loving aficionado of liquor—not to mention even a most gin-tending drinker of the avuncular sort.
$51.99; Gowanus WIne Merchants, 493 3rd Avenue, Gowanus

Sleater-Kinney – Start Together (7-LP Box Set)

Best Gift Ever for a Little Sister
There might not be a better starter kit for ushering a young woman into her new life as a full-blown badass than the collected work of one of the great American rock bands.

Copra, Round One, by Michel Fiffe

For the Comic Book-Loving Cousin
The first six issues of Brooklyn artist Michael Fiffe’s violent love-letter to sordid superhero comics from the 1980s, a time before a safer vision of the genre dominated the multiplex. Beautifully rendered in lush, psychedelic color and published independently through a rad Park Slope shop that could use your support.
$19.99; Bergen Street Comics, 470 Bergen Street, Park Slope

Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #1

For the Teenage Son of the Woman You’re Dating
This new Marvel series follows the story of Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes as he grows out of his role as sidekick and into one as an assassin and… spreader of democracy among alien races? Sound strange? Don’t worry, Bucky’s in the good hands of writer Ales Kot and illustrator Marco Rudy, and any kid (or adult) is bound to be engaged.
$3.99; Bulletproof Comics, 2178 Nostrand Avenue, Flatbush

Flotsam and Jetsam Seahorse and Oyster Baby Spoon or Lamby’s Lamb

Cousins Who Just Had or Are About to Have a Baby
So, this is a bit of a splurge, but if you’re able to help the newest addition to your family be born with, like, a literal silver spoon in his or her mouth, this seahorse and oyster spoon is kind of perfect. Or, you know, you could just get the cutest stuff lamb ever. The choice is yours! (And your budget’s.)
$250 or $15;

Edward Gorey Bear Sticker Set

For the Toddler Niece or Nephew
These Colorforms are both cute and kinda creepy (it’s Edward Gorey, so obviously, right?) and are guaranteed to delight and entertain the child who receives them.


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