The Best Old Movies on a Big Screen This Week: December 3

12/03/2014 4:00 AM |



Remember My Name (1978)
Directed by Alan Rudolph
Rudolph’s menacing femme noir is something of a dysfunctional valentine. Emily (a deceivingly frail and often feral Geraldine Chaplin) is a recent parolee who settles in a small town seeking vengeance on her ex-husband (an atypically straight Anthony Perkins). The film is a mood piece, sardonic and disenchanted, focusing on Emily’s psychological struggles and her obsession with destroying Perkins’s life with his new wife (Berry Berenson, also married to Perkins in real life). She rips up their garden, she incessantly phones their home, and she seduces Perkins with fragility—an almost proto-Feminist approach to terror. The film is propelled along a current of peculiarity against a bluesy aural backdrop courtesy Alberta Hunter. With noteworthy cameo performances from Jeff Goldblum and Alfre Woodard. Samantha Vacca (Dec 9, 5pm, 9:30pm at BAM’s “Sunshine Noir”)