Let’s Talk About the Eric Garner Case

12/17/2014 1:26 PM |



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It’s incredibly upsetting. I can’t even tell you how angry I am, how angry everyone is. And it feels like, even though everyone feels this is wrong—and so do the mayor, and Obama—that won’t make a difference. I thought things were getting better! We have Obama, my kids don’t face the kind of shit I faced at their age—I couldn’t even walk in some parts of the town I grew up in. Then something like this happens, and you realize no progress has been made. We’re still at zero. That’s not something you’ll ever understand.


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I honestly don’t know what to make of it. If you watch the video, he’s clearly not resisting, he’s not violent. Really, my interactions with the NYPD have been good, and people are a lot more accepting here, in America, than I ever expected before I came here. Part of me wants to think this is just a weird thing that happened, because I don’t see other stuff like it happening, but then with Ferguson it seems to happen all the time.



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I don’t know if you remember Rodney King, but I’ve been thinking about that lately. There was a guy who was also attacked by police, and there was a video of it, and that didn’t make a difference. Cops are going to get body cameras now, and fine, good, whatever, but this kind of thing has been happening for years, on camera, and it hasn’t made a difference. [It was almost 24 years ago!] Nothing’s changed. Fuck!



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The fucked up thing is, how do you tell your kids about this? I have family who are cops, but I’m telling my kids the same thing my parents told me growing up: Don’t talk to cops, don’t bother them, don’t even make eye contact with them. That’s messed up! My kids think cops are the bad guys! What happens if they get in trouble sometime? They won’t know what to do! Man, it is just hard as fuck to be a black man in this country.