Sleep When You’re Dead: The Best of Brooklyn Nightlife, 12/4 – 12/7

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It’s time to party. Oh, you’re tired? I know it’s been a long week, but you’re not tired. I mean, you might think you’re tired–but you’re not. You see, this is Brooklyn, where no matter what time a day or what day of the week, people (probably a big group of people) are celebrating and drinking and dancing somewhere. Celebrating what? Anything. Everything. Birthdays, holidays, triumphs, fashion, music, science, freedom, sexuality, growth, birth, life, death… but, underneath whatever they tell themselves they’re celebrating, they’re really celebrating Brooklyn. We all know Brooklyn is special. Not just because bars and clubs are open until four or because it’s never that hard to find a warehouse or roof raging until long after the sun comes up, although those things certainly don’t hurt. Brooklyn is special because of the energy that lives inside of it, the energy it graciously gives us, say for example, to get out of bed when we’re the most hungover we’ve ever been in our entire lives. And it’s the same energy that regularly drives us to work 12-hour days or ride our bike up the Williamsburg bridge. We deserve to take in that energy when we need it because when we finally celebrate, all that energy gets filtered right back into Brooklyn. So, hop to it. We’ve brought you a concise plan for the best late-night parties this weekend so you can cut through all the bullshit and get to celebrating. Celebrate everything. Celebrate Brooklyn, because you’ll sleep when you’re dead. Or even just when you don’t live in Brooklyn anymore.



Stop bitching about not being in Miami:
Art Basel Brooklyn: Analog Soul // Jan Woo // Publicist
Bossa Nova Civic Club (Bushwick)
Thursday Dec 4, 10 PM, Free
Vibe: Brooklyn’s own little piece of Art Basel, complete with resident tape artist Gazoo gettin’ artsy in the back. Analog Soul is said to, “Never fail. Goes from some clap-your-hands soul house to some fold your brain over upon itself and get on the spacecraft suicide underwater ghost vibe ride real quick,” which I think says pretty much, uh, everything.



Dance yourself into a coma/ coma yourself into a dance:
Next Fiends: Bookworms // Mark Cecilia // Peter Seligman // Muke
Palisades (Bushwick)
Thursday Dec 4, Midnight, $7
Vibe: This one is on the chiller side, but definitely a good way to start the weekend off and not be too destroyed for work on Friday. (Or, fuck it, get destroyed.) Just some nice guys playing weird stuff you can get lost in. Cheap drinks, too.



Sell your kidney if that’s what it takes:
The Bunker LTD:Orphx // Ancient Methods // Løt.te // Antenes
Trans Pecos (Ridgewood)
Friday Dec 5, 10 PM, $40 tickets at door (limited)
Vibe: This one is going to be tight: dark, noisy, industrial techno, as if expelled directly from satan’s trident and pounded out of some really big speakers. It’s kind of one for the heads, but will probably be really fun for anyone (as long as you’re vaguely into that style of music) because it’s in such an intimate little place and totally sold out. Like I said though, the Facebook page says there are limited tickets at the door for the escalated price of $40, a “latebird tax,” according to Bunker.



Nothing strokes the ego like a secret location:
ID 03: Hans Berg (Live Set) // Kike Mayor // Da’ Groove aka St. Xose
Secret Location (Brooklyn)
Friday Dec 5, 10 PM, $20
Vibe: So honestly, I don’t really know a ton about this party or a ton about Hans Berg. I mean, it turns out he’s pretty famous, with a sound somewhere between techno and house, which, at a good party can sometimes give you that whole warm-fuzzy euphoric, “I have the best life ever!!!!!” mindset (especially if chemicals have anything to do with it.) I can’t really guarantee it will be the best party ever- actually, I can probably guarantee it won’t be the best party ever, but it could be worth checking out, and since it’s at a secret location, not only will you feel like, SO COOL, it will probably go extra extra late for after-hour vibes.



We must respect our elders, especially the funky ones:
Detroit:  Moodymann // Carl Craig //Chuck Flask + Keith Kemp // Danyelino
Verboten (Williamsburg)
Saturday Dec 6, 11 PM, $30
Vibe: These are some Detroit deep-house legends so so worth seeing. It’s a little on the pricy side but so worth it. Get ready to groove.



Ole Faithful:
Tunnel Vision: Ital // DJ Wey // Greg Z
Bossa Nova Civic Club (Bushwick)
Saturday Dec 6, 9 PM, Free
Vibe: These Bossa Nova heroes have been around and throwing this monthly party since the club started and never fail to vibrate the underground.  The music can be pretty diverse, but it’s always on-point for dancing. It’s free, but (as always with Bossa on the weekends) there’s a $10 cover after midnight if you don’t have the infamous Bossa Club Card (flips hairs.)



Sunday fun day:
Drum Machine Circle
Shea Stadium (East Williamsburg)
Sunday Dec 7, 8 PM, Free
Vibe: This is going to be fun and silly and a dancey good time, just the way we like to spend our Sundays. It’s basically a modern-day drum circle with a bunch of DJs/producers in the scene playing their drum machines in a round robin. It will be a nice showcase of local talent and blend a lot of different styles, plus Shea is always a chill spot.



Actually enjoy Output (God knows you can’t on Friday/Saturday) :
DVS1 //Marco Bailey // Roland Cespedes
Output (Williamsburg)
Sunday Dec 7, 10 PM, $20
Vibe: DVSI is a techno master and one of the classic amazing American DJs. Definitely not be missed, especially since it’s on Sunday, so we don’t have to endure the usual Output weekend bros, with their sweaty Polo armpits in our faces.

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