Sponsored: Hennesy presents Nas in “The Ride”

12/23/2014 7:00 PM |


Recently, we’ve realized that the successful people in our lives have something in common: they all have some factor that pushes them to keep up the pursuit of their goals. For some people, it’s competition. For others, it’s the internal knowledge that there’s always room for improvement. Regardless of the source, if we follow that feeling we can transform it into something amazing.

In the video above, titled “The Ride,” Nas chases his dream of being a performer from the city subways of the 1980’s to today, eight platinum albums later. His trip down memory lane is a poetic recollection of the journey from humble NYC beginnings to worldwide stardom. It was a tough ride, but Nas always knew he had to “maintain and be prosperous.” Throughout his career, he’s been motivated by the desire to live up to the legacy of the musical trailblazers that came before him.

That desire is Nas’ Wild Rabbit. But, wait…what’s a Wild Rabbit? Well, in the Cognac region of France (where Hennessy is made), rabbits run wild but are rarely spotted. Folk tales abound surrounding these mythical creatures, and the possibility that they may live in the minds of those who see them. The Wild Rabbit is a driving force toward success, that little part of your brain that won’t let you settle for anything but the best.

Nas shared his Wild Rabbit in the video above; Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit is to build on centuries of expertise and push their cognac closer and closer to perfection. Tell us about yours in the comments section!

This post has been sponsored by Hennessy.