This Week in Live Music: Thrash the Pain Away, New Queers Eve, and Mykki Freaking Blanco

12/30/2014 9:27 PM |

People this is your last week to party, and there are plenty of excellent shows happening from now until next week when going back to work will involve, you know, actual work. We’ve got everything from New Year’s rock n’ roll parties (in the case you’re looking for more “dance”-oriented stuff, check out our Sleep When You’re Dead List) to events that are sure to snap you back to reality. Your resolution was to get off your butt and take advantage of all the cool stuff happening around the borough, right? Get to it.


Sonic Stimulation for a Cause

Benefit for the Family of Eric Garner: Nick Klein & Shredded Nerve, Negation, Miguel Alvarino, Appetite, and more

Tuesday December 30th, 8 pm – 4 am at Palisades (Bushwick), tickets $12 at the door

Palisades is putting on a rather epic fundraising show that will benefit the family of Eric Garner, who, in case you haven’t heard was an unarmed black man who was killed when a State Island police officer put him in a chokehold. He is survived by his wife and six children. Party for a good cause and check out some Ascetic House acts, noise, and dark electronic beats. Check out the full lineup over here.

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Break Out Your Sage and Paisley 

Julian Lynch, Weyes Blood, Open Tower, Cassie Ramone

Sunday January 4th, 8 pm at Baby’s All Right (Williamsburg), tickets $ free

Weyes Blood, aka Natalie Mering and her crew, put out some pretty dreamy music, but it’s by no means sleepy stuff. With influences ranging from 60’s psych to Enya, it’s a safe bet that, given the right substance intake, this show will be something of a transcendental experience. If you can’t make this one, Weyes Blood return to Baby’s All Right later this month before taking off on their European tour. But why on earth would you miss this one? We’ll let you in on a little secret– it’s free.


Florida Man Takes the Stage

Emperor X, Eskimeaux, Legs Like Tree Trunks, Family Lumber

Saturday January 3rd, 8 pm at Palisades (Bushwick), tickets $8 at the door

This fun little lineup demonstrates some cool stuff happening with pop music right now. When we last checked, Emperor X (aka Chad Matheny) was holed up with his synths somewhere in Florida. But apparently he’s either based in Berlin or LA now, regardless his relocation might explain his increasingly experimental output. We all know that the looming presence of Florida Man over the whole of the Sunshine State limits residents’ capacity for creative ventures. Florida Man can strike at any moment. Florida Man is watching. And Florida Man certainly doesn’t like experimental music.


A Very DIY New Year’s Eve

The Gradients, Celestial Shores, Palberta, Baked, Multicult, Palehound, Big Sleep, Vomitface, and more

Wednesday December 31st, 6:30 pm at Aviv (Greenpoint), $8

Does the idea of grinding up against a bunch of sweaty people hopped up on Molly pouring champagne all over their stilettos sound like a terrible way to spend Wednesday night? If you answered yes, don’t worry weirdo because we’ve found a way for you to get out of your apartment anyway. Spend your night at Aviv, Brooklyn’s newest (and now largest) DIY venue. Exploding in Sound records and Gimme Tinnitus are bringing together a diverse lineup of bands loosely connected by their affinity for rock n’ roll. A ticket buys you not just a full night of entertainment, but pizza and a midnight High Life toast. Rad!


Pug Smugglers In Action

The Rotaries, Vundabar, the Doozies, and Slight

Saturday January 3rd, 8 pm at Shea Stadium (Bushwick), tickets $8

For some sing-a-long-ready rock (brought to you by the Doozies), catchy 90’s-influenced rawk (thanks, Slight), and indie tunes (holler at the Rotaries) head to Shea Stadium this weekend. Heard it all before? Are we in Yawn City, Mr. or Ms. Naysayer? Well a little band called Vundabar will teach you all you need to know about pug pop. Bet you have no idea what the hell that is, am I right?


New Queers Eve

Saturday January 3rd, 8 pm at Silent Barn (Bushwick), tickets $8

Ok so this isn’t on actual NYE, but let’s be real, actual New Years Eve kind of sucks anyway. So beat the crowds and make your way to this show happening the Saturday after the big (lame) ball drop. The lineup includes Malportado Kids (punk band from Providence), Penguin (self-describe “queer grump transexual punx”), Clinical Trials (electro-grunge), and more. Formal wear is encouraged, and the organizers say they’ll knock a buck off the incredibly steep $8 ticket price, so best to throw on some frills or a tux and save that extra doll hair for a cold one.

There will be a bunch of fun activities to occupy yourself between sets, including tarot readings, raffles, and maybe even a photographer. If you’re not already convinced, consider that proceeds will benefit the Fund for the Children of Eric Garner and the Brooklyn Transcore Collective.


Life is Pain

Occultist, Krang, and Bomb Scare

Monday January 5th, 8 pm at the Acheron (Bushwick), tickets $8

Jeez, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m betting that first Monday back at work is probably gonna be real rough. The inevitable seasonal depression and post-holiday drip, drip, drip of my sanity will set in, and since spending the next several months hiding from the world isn’t really an option, I’ll be looking for ways to get out my aggression and beat the malaise– one option is to attend a thrash metal show, and luckily there’s one happening when I’ll need it the most. Take a note from me, this is a great way to start your new year.

(Photo: Prince Rupert's Drops)

In the Garage

Prince Rupert’s Drops, Savants, Moonwalks, Gods

Tuesday December 30th, 8 pm at Rough Trade (Williamsburg), tickets $10

Tonight you can warm up to some garage psych and the like at Rough Trade. Brooklyn’s Prince Rupert’s Drops will perform their set, which I gotta admit has some serious Fleetwood Mac appeal. But something tells me these guys go a little easier on the white. Long-haired psych types Moonwalks are rolling in from Detroit and Savants will seal the deal and launch you straight to outer space.



Mykki Blanco, Perfect Pussy, Sunflower Bean, Chances with Wolves

Wednesday December 31st, doors at 7 pm at Baby’s All Right (Williamsburg), tickets $40 advance and $45 day-of

This New Year’s option is not to be missed kids. If you sleep on this one, boy will I feel sorry for you. Gender fluid hip hop god/ goddess Mykki Blanco is headlining along with a special super top secret guest. Perfect Pussy will be joining, as well as the relentless performers of Brooklyn band Sunflower Bean. The latter are seriously worth your attention so don’t miss out. If you’re still on the fence, keep in mind that Chances with Wolves will be DJing and if you get there at 7pm, you’ll have a whole two hours to get sloshed as all hell at the open bar.


Best Hangover Cure

Biz Markie

Thursday January 1st, doors at 10:30 pm at Brooklyn Bowl (Williamsburg), $7-$10

I can’t think of a better way to nurse a behemoth of a post-New Year’s hangover than knocking down pins, throwing back beers, and spending some quality time with Biz Markie. Keep in mind this is “just” a DJ set, but Mr. Markie isn’t the type who does things the way they’ve always been done. Expect the unexpected.