Did You Notice Anything Different During The Police Work Stoppage?

01/28/2015 1:52 PM |
Illustration by Katie Narduzzo

Hailed in: Fort Greene
Hails from: New Jersey
I have a friend who claimed he smoked pot right in front of a bunch of cops and they didn’t do anything or care. To be fair, he exaggerates a lot, and there have been times when I’ve been high around cops without them caring. I never smoked a jay in front of them, but from what he said they weren’t doing anything unless you were kicking someone’s ass or something. Did you hear that some types of arrests were down like 90 percent? The world didn’t fall apart. Just proves that arresting people for pot is a waste of money and cops shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.


Hailed in: Chelsea
Hails from: India
Not really, to be honest. I read all about it but couldn’t really tell anything. Cab drivers, though, we don’t like interacting with cops. We’re all pretty good about obeying traffic laws, because getting a ticket would be awful. Like, lose-your-job awful. So I wasn’t dealing with a lot of cops before. So, far as I know, none of my friends were able to get away with murder because of it.


Hailed in: Gramercy Park
Hails from: Hartford
I did see a cop sitting at a Starbucks one day. Maybe he was on a break or not on shift or something, but I did notice it because it was right after everyone learned about that boycott or whatever you want to call it. It was freezing outside and he was just sitting at a table, drinking a cup of coffee, or a pumpkin spiced latte or something. I assume he was taking advantage of that work stoppage to not freeze his balls off.


Hailed in: Hell’s Kitchen
Hails from: Nepal
That thing was ugly and I didn’t like it. I admit I’m concerned about the things that have been going on. I like cops, I’ve always had good times with them; they helped me with directions when I first moved here, that kind of thing. I understand the anger [after the Eric Garner grand jury decision], and I understand cops have a very stressful job, but I don’t think anyone was really against cops in those protests. They just want justice. I don’t understand why the cops went on strike.