Sleep When You’re Dead: The Best of Brooklyn Nightlife, 1/15 – 1/18

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01/15/2015 6:28 PM |

photoIt’s your roundup of this weekend’s parties and shenanigans to ensure you never sleep ever.  This weekend is going to be an especially good one because it is especially diverse! Tragically, Bossa Nova will be closed temporarily for construction, so you’ll notice a depressing absence in our roundups, but it will all be worth it if the backyard will finally be usable again when they reopen. Fingers crossed!  No matter which party you pick on Friday (You should definitely do both if you can!), you’re going to be supporting a seriously powerful cause in addition to receiving an awesome dose of vibes.  And on Saturday, a pack of Detroit legends at Output, including one of the most important and interesting names in techno, will hands-down be worth coughing up the cash for. Oh, and if you’re one of the blessed ones who are off Monday for MLK JR. Day, you definitely MUST take us up on the extra credit assignment we’re offering (5 AM- 2 PM after-hours party AKA the very spirit of Sleep When You’re Dead.) Or, uh, even if you do have to work Monday, you should still go. You’ll survive.




The Sampler:

Ital (DJ Set) // DJ Scallywag // A Pleasure (Live) //  Beta Librae (Live) // Malory (Live)
Trans Pecos (Ridgewood)
Thursday Jan 15, 10 PM
Kickoff your weekend with a nice  sample of local talent and an array of sound: Ital (behind the Tunnel Vision parties), DJ Scallywag (behind the Long Count parties, which are no-fail, always amazing!), Beta Librae (involved with the awesome Discwoman party, which is also happening this weekend! Yay!), and Malory (involved with Cyborgs and Blackout) are all familiar faces in the scene and definitely worth catching to get the weekend vibes flowing.
Open your mind & become the groove:
French Kiss Presents: DJ Sprinkles // Justin Strauss // Billy Caldwell // Lloydski
Good Room (Greenpoint)
Friday Jan 16, 10 PM, $20-$25
DJ Sprinkles is not JUST a house music master who will bring you fully into the groove of the weekend. She’s also a powerful advocate for topics that are often ignored (or worse!) in electronic music including gender issues, sexuality, race and class. In an interview with The Guardian this past October she says, “I guess the only way I’m really ‘kicking against club culture’ is by actively participating in it while being very clear about my deep problems with it. And not simply stopping the conversation with, ‘this is all bullshit.’” Which is definitely a philosophy worth supporting, if you ask us.


Girls to the front:
Discwoman Presents: Technofeminism Live: Ciarra Black // Via App // Umfang // Beta Librae
Palisades (Bushwick)
Friday Jan 16, Midnight, $7-$10

Discwoman is an amazing community of Brooklyn women that put on their first two-night showcase at Bossa Nova this past September. Discwoman’s focus is empowering and uniting women of the electronic-music scene while showcasing all of the killer female DJs Brooklyn has to offer. Obviously, their first party was a huge hit, and the name has been growing steadily ever since. This month they have their second big party, then later this month they’re doing their first non-Brooklyn show in Philadelphia, which is huge! Come out to support these powerful, talented women doing awesome things for women in electronic music.


Booty Shakin’ House:
True School with: Paul Johnson // Soul 2 Seoul // Internet Spy Machine (Live) // Graham Craig
Aviv (Greenpoint)
Saturday Jan 17, 9 PM, $10-$15
Ghetto house meets lo-fi house for a solid night of grade-A booty shaking. Aviv, if you haven’t heard, is a new DIY venue that’s been making waves in Greenpoint. When our sister publication Brooklyn Magazine talked to the guys behind the venue before their first show back in November, they likened themselves to 285 Kent, a venue that always had a diverse agenda of shows and parties. Aviv has definitely delivered on diversity so far, and we’re stoked to see more in 2015.


Transcend with the wizard and other Detroit Legends: 
The Bunker Presents: Jeff Mills // Dasha Rush // Eric Cloutier //  DJ Godfather // Mike Servito + more
Output (Williamsburg)
Saturday Jan 17, 10 PM, $30
Jeff Mills AKA The Wizard is maybe the coolest person on the planet. Which planet? Well, he’s almost certainly not from Earth, but, either way, we’re really glad he’s here.  Mills sees techno as a transcendental, cosmic experience, and it completely comes across when he’s performing. Vibes will be futuristic, slamming, almost industrial techno. Definitely do not miss getting lost in the cosmos.


Extra Credit:
Descent After-hours: Rabit // DKDS // Subset // Ryury // Ay-Plus + more
Secret Location (Bushwick)
Sunday Jan 18, 5 AM – 2 PM, $11-$16
Just when you thought the night was coming to an end, the clubs are closing down, you’re rubbing your eyes and thinking about (gasp!) sleeping, perhaps? Think again. This is a legit 9-hour after party, which is an every-weekend occurrence in the summer, but more difficult to come by in the winter.  Expect some grime vibes, tech house, etc, but most importantly, don’t forget your sunglasses.



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