Sleep When You’re Dead: The Best of Brooklyn Nightlife, 12/29 – 12/31

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01/29/2015 3:44 PM |

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Dear Bossa gods, As we begin our journey into the darkness of the weekend, we ask that you protect us and guide us through the strobe and fog. Although you are absent, you are eternally present in our hearts and our souls. Salvation is of the dance. May your blessing of salvation be ever with us. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. In the name of Bossa we pray, Amen. Uh, just kidding. Well, kind of. Ok, yeah, so we miss Bossa Nova Civic Club, which, in case you were sleeping or something, is closed temporarily for renovations. Still no definite word on when they’ll be re-opening, but in the meantime the holy Bossa spirits will be with us while our hearts pound through another sleepless weekend of shenanigans. Also, we admit, Bossa’s absence does open us up to a little more variety than usual: This weekend, we’re going on a field trip all the way to the city. Oh, and on Saturday we’ll start things off extra early with some daytime dance shenanigans, 8 hours of it to be exact. Onward, into the darkness.


Shiver to the left:

Melja // J. Albert // Via App // Beta Librae // Jack Propane
Trans Pecos (Ridgewood)
Thursday Jan 29, 10 PM, Free until 11
Vibe: Experimental in all the right ways, this will be a properly weird, dancey vibe to get the weekend off to the right start. Resident Advisor trumpets Melja as a “Parisian young gun,” and, like, fuck, we want to be called a Parisian young gun. Oh, us? Just a couple of Parisian young guns nbd. He’ll be joined by several familiar NY faces including Beta Librae, Via App (both of which have been involved with one of our faves, Discwoman), Jack Propane and J. Albert (whose debut two-track single is due out in a couple weeks).

Fancy boyz:
Blind Colors: Rodriguez // Hot Baby Karl
Louie and Chan (LES)
Thursday Jan 29, 10 PM, Free
Vibe: Oh, we going in- into the city. We know it’s crazy, but sometimes you just gotta do it. We’ve never been to Louie and Chan, but it seems a little on the fancy side. (That stationery, damn.) But we definitely enjoy the whole pretending-not-to-be-a-river-rat vibe sometimes. This party should be dope though. Swedish boi Hot Baby Karl will play back-to-back all night with the worldly Rodriguez, pushing each other to drive the beat harder and harder until this fancy little place explodes, or probably just until everyone dances. Building blowing up would be a very chill way to start off the weekend though.


Fuzzy buzz:
Masks // Xerome // Drippy Inputs // Miguel Alvarino
The Silent Barn (Bushwick)
Friday Jan 30, 11 PM, $8
Vibe: Do you kind of just get like fuzzy little butterflies in your stomach every time you think about Silent Barn? We kind of do. It just seems like such a nice little community of cool, real people doing real, cool stuff supporting other cool people who are real doing really cool stuff. It’s basically just like all of the good things about Brooklyn embodied in one entity, ya know? Uh, ok, now that we’ve gotten entirely over-sentimental, uh, this show will be awesome. Analog vibes that you can stick your tongue out and taste while you buzz along with the music, so, like, wipe that tear out of your eye and dance.



8 hours of technofem soul fuel:
Discwoman + Stream: Juliana Huxtable // Umfang // HD // KIRex // Ariele Max // ABBY // Bearcat // Mary S.
Stream Gallery (Bushwick)
Saturday Jan 31, 4 PM, Free
Vibe: We’ve definitely told you how awesome Discwoman is before, and this weekend they’re back (after their first party outside of Brooklyn, which, from the photos, seems like it went super well) and doing something totally different. In partner with Stream Gallery, an art gallery in Bushwick that often merges art with music and tech, Discwoman is doing a live stream of an 8-hour all-women DJ power set in an intimate setting. Installations will be by the always stellar Nitemind. Also, this does start/end early so it’s a very proper way to support a bunch of awesome DJs and a really great Bushwick gallery while also getting the Saturday-night vibes flowing.

So fkin darknet:
Error404 Factory Settings: Mgun // Alex Falk // Sinclair // DJ Asylum b2b DJ Gridlock // Dunes
Undisclosed Location (Brooklyn)
Saturday Jan 31, Midnight, $20-$25
Vibe: We just can’t overstate our appreciation for doing things all the way. Error404 is one of those parties that just does shit all the way. Not sure how, but at one point we got on their e-mail list and periodically get emails along the lines of, “error404 is not lifestyle. error404 is not food. error404 can not raise family. error404 cannot bring dead to live. error404 is not party. error404 is nothing. forget about error404. get education, become job.” We fuck with that vibe. MGUN is headlining this party, his first time back to New York since playing Sustain Release in September, and will bring the mysterious, gritty vibes of the party to maxxx volume.