Sleep When You’re Dead: The Best of Brooklyn Nightlife, 1/8 – 1/11

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01/08/2015 4:27 PM |

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Well, we see you’ve survived the holidays, not to mention the first week back to work; that calls for some celebration. We’re not even really sure how we survived. (Side note: When your extended family asks what you “do for fun,” like, don’t even bother.) But somehow, we made it through, and now, we’re back to another good-ole fog-filled sleepless weekend in Brooklyn. Home is where the fog is, right? This weekend, we have the Long Count/ Minimal Wave behemoth party with techno royalty Silent Servant on Friday, then another big (well, not Silent Servant big, but decently large) secret-location party Saturday with another heavy dose of techno for your soul. Plus lots of other smaller stuff to keep you grooving/convulsing/dancing/whatever all weekend. Welcome home.




Groove into the weekend:
Night Secrets: Cry Baby // Tano // Amoroso // Myroslaw Bytz
The Graham (East Williamsburg)
Thursday Jan 8, 10 PM, Free
Vibe: The first time we went to this spot for dance music was this past summer when Bossa was temporarily shutdown for health-code nonsense and one of the big parties that weekend was moved here. And it ended up being pretty fun! The layout is actually kind of like a mini Bossa, just without the tropical decor, and fog, and lasers, and club mate. So yeah, I mean it’s definitely no Bossa, but variety is the spice of life, right? Expect some chill house and techno vibes and, if your sweet tooth happens to call to you while you’re dancing, you definitely will not regret getting the s’mores.




Technoise funhouse:
Mystics In Bali // 404 Not Found // Peter Seligman // Mysterious House // Acidhouse
Legion Bar (Williamsburg)
Thursday Jan 8, 8 PM, Free
Vibe: A good ole straight-up dose of really bizarre noise techno. I mean, like, really bizarre, but really awesome and worth seeing. You’re thinking, well, what exactly do you do to noise music? I mean, you’re right, you don’t really dance. Remember when you were studying for the ACT and/or SAT and you had all of those analogy questions? Let me give you a good one for this: If dancing is to music, then what is x to noise? We’d say x= convulsing tenderly, and lucky for you it’s way easier than dancing.




Be there or be sad:
The Long Count & Minimal Wave Present A Cititrax Showcase: An-i // Silent Servant // Veronica Vasicka // Further Reductions
Secret Location
Friday Jan 9, 11PM- 7AM, $25
Vibe: So yeah, this is the behemoth of the weekend and the very clear best choice for spending your Friday night. We always gush about how much we love Long Count parties, but then pair it with Veronica Vasicka and her label Minimal Wave AND with Silent Servant, then you have a dark night of techno heaven. Also, there’s 700+ people attending on Facebook and it’s still not sold out, so we’re definitely excited to see the secret location that’s big enough to house this big, beautiful monster. Atmosphere will be courtesy of our favorite lighting fella, Nitemind, so, uh yeah, we’re like squealing with excitement. Don’t mind us.




If Silent Servant isn’t in your budget
Jan Woo // Ciarra Black // James Friedman
Bossa Nova Civic Club
Friday, Jan 9, 10 PM, Free before midnight
Vibe: You’re like “Um, hi, I have a $25 budget for the whole night, so if I go to (the above) Minimal Wave thing I’m going to be completely sober and probably hungry.” Trust us, we get it. We wouldn’t want you spending a Friday night totally sober. We’re pretty sure that’s not even legal in New York. These are the times when we must get on our knees and thank the heavens for ole reliable, Bossa Nova. Ciarra Black brings the dark techno and Jan Woo with the groovy house to balance out your night and leave you not as bummed about missing Silent Servant. Seriously, he’ll be back.




No wave daddy & the kids:
L.I.E.S. Presents: Arto Lindsay // Jahiliyya Fields // Vapauteen // Victoria Keddie // Diamond Terrifier
Trans Pecos (Ridgewood)
Saturday Jan 10, 10 PM, $10
Vibe: So this is bound to be pretty cool. Arto Lindsay is basically a father (or daddy) of no wave, having been the bandleader of one of New York’s pioneering new-wave bands back in the ’70s and ’80s, DNA. He hasn’t been hiding under a rock since then either. Lindsay has been steadily putting out new material and doing collaborations with really big names. Now, he’s teaming up with the L.I.E.S. crew for what is sure to be a dope, experimental party.




The four techno corners of the world: 
Insect Presents: Donor (Live) // Altstadt Echo (Live) // Paul Trafford // Princevali (Live) // Excalibur // Stephan Kimbel // Apicturesquevenustransit
Secret Location (Bushwick)
Saturday Jan 10, 11 PM, $15-$20
Vibe: So this is kind of the wildcard of the weekend, but we’re definitely excited for it! We had never really heard of Insect Presents before, but they’re a new party that, according to their Facebook “was thought up in BK in 2014. Stemming from a love of sound, to bring us together and create an experience. Quality is our main objective.” Sounds good to us. This party seems to be a little techno-world sampler with a lineup that includes natives of Brooklyn, Montreal, Detroit and Stockholm. We like that diversity. Let night two of gritty, sweaty techno commence.




Support music by supporting people who support music:
Cultivated Sound Release Party: LQQK // Umfang // RTMC (Live) // Masahiro Ueda (Live) // Ninjaa
Bossa Nova Civic Club (Bushwick)
Sunday Jan 11, 10 PM, Free
Vibe: Cultivated sound is an awesome new New York based music channel that has materialized recently to support local music. They’re hosting their premier party at Bossa Nova, with a nice, diverse sample of Brooklyn DJ talent. Obviously we always encourage you to support local music with going to all these events, but it’s especially important to support the supporters of the scene. Which is not only SuPEr MeTa~ but also a good deed. This will be a good vibe to end the weekend on.