What’s It Like When People Steal One Another’s Cabs?

01/14/2015 8:50 AM |
Illustration by Rachel Clark



Hailed in: Gramercy Park
Hails from: Taiwan

It’s actually hard to tell when that kind of thing happens. If it goes down like it does in a movie—where someone opens the door but someone else jumps in and the first person starts screaming—all I hear is someone screaming outside. Which, this is New York: There’s always someone screaming about something. You have to just trust that everything going on outside is being done fairly.



Hailed in: Park Slope
Hails from: Iran

One time when it was raining, I saw two guys pretty much get into a fistfight over getting in. I think I was at JFK or LaGuardia, I don’t remember, but there was a big crowd of people waiting and the airport was being slow about letting cabs through. The crowd was mad, and when I pulled up two guys tried to get in at the same time. It got ugly. (Who got it in the end?) The woman who was coordinating the line, she picked one and made the other get the next one. Probably they should’ve been arrested.



Hailed in: Midtown
Hails from: Queens

Ugh, those assholes. You wouldn’t believe the stuff people try. I’ve had a guy try to steal a cab out from under a woman who was obviously pregnant. A pregnant woman! If I see someone is trying to steal someone’s ride, I won’t take them. No way, that’s not fair. Sometimes it gets tricky if you have two people with a legitimate claim; in those cases I’d probably go with the person whose destination was better for picking up another person.



Hailed in: Crown Heights
Hails from: Ukraine

I actually haven’t seen this in a while, since Uber became a bigger thing, but a few years ago if you went to the Financial District you could see rich Wall Street guys buying their way to the front of lines and stuff. “Gimme your cab and I’ll give you $20,” that kind of thing. (I’ve always wondered, do people ever do the thing where they offer you a bonus if you get them somewhere quickly?) You mean, “23rd and Lex, and there’s an extra $50 if you get me there in ten minutes?” Sure, but a lot of those guys are just kidding around, or they were going to tip you big anyway, or they claim you took eleven minutes. But even if you could control that kind of thing with New York City traffic, you don’t want to risk a ticket.