Woman On The Edge: Erin Zimmer

01/14/2015 8:40 AM |
Photo courtesy of Emily Zimmer

Erin Zimmer
Marketing & Community Engagement Lead at Good Eggs
While an online food marketplace that prioritizes organic, locally farmed ingredients and locally made products would seem to be an obvious fit for a place like Brooklyn, the path to success for Good Eggs was not as smooth as one would think. Why? Well, in a word: Winter. Erin Zimmer explains that “the extreme seasonality” of New York specifically has been a challenge for this Bay Area-born company, but that hasn’t prevented Good Eggs from gaining a foothold here and using its tech-savvy platform to work on providing the best food possible to its customers, and connecting small producers with larger consumer audiences.
Zimmer tells us, “The biggest fundamental challenge we’re facing is making fresh, local food be every bit as convenient and affordable as supermarket fare. The efficiencies of our unique distribution system at Good Eggs, and our interactive platform connecting producers with our ever-growing community, is helping us get there. Since we don’t have a year-round growing climate like our friends out in the Bay Area do, we’ve been working with farms here to shift focus to storage crops during these colder months in addition to sourcing from our sister hubs out west, from farms we already know and trust. Because, let’s be honest, we can’t live without our citrus and avocados.”
For the team behind Good Eggs, technology plays a crucial role in the company’s development and ultimate success, because it makes grocery shopping (easily one of the weekly tasks that most quickly calls to mind the word “drudgery”) less of a pain and more of a pleasure. And Zimmer makes it sound like the company (which is renowned for offering employees gourmet-level meals; think Sungold tomato crostatas and polenta with sausage and broccoli rabe) carries that ethos of pleasure into all elements of its business. She tells us that the secret to an innovative company is as simple as being able to answer the question: “How will your company add value and joy to people’s lives?” She advises, “Find your community. Get to know them, immerse yourself in their world—which is hopefully your world too!” It also helps to work with like-minded people: “I’m surrounded by loads of smart, can-do ladies at Good Eggs, which is just another reason why I love coming to work everyday. My female colleagues are proving that gender isn’t stopping them from being all-around awesome thinkers, doers, and innovators every step of the way.”