This Week In Live Music: Promiscuous Swing, Troll-Core Folk, and Blissed-Out Beats Like What

02/10/2015 5:24 PM |
(Pawns Self-Titled 7")

So normally I’d be all like rah rah Valentine’s Day is for dweebs or something, but to be perfectly honest this year I’m feeling pretty #blessed about being free of romantic obligations. I can legit strip down to a pair of very unattractive underwear, crack a bag of Cooler Ranch, and spread out on my bedroom floor amongst an array of Crunchwraps (Supreme, BLT Slider, Spicy Chicken–the options they’ve got these days are truly mind-boggling) and like listen to records or something. I won’t be disappointing anyone except myself.

But note I said this is something I can do, probably not something I will do. The only thing saving me from this chill but depressing fate is the fact that there are a ton of super rad things happening on and around V-Day. This year, I’m thankful for the opportunity to disappoint random people around me on this hallowed holiday, and not just myself.


Hope You Planned Ahead, Guys

Parquet Courts, Laced, Digital Prisoners of War

Tuesday February 10th, 8 pm at Palisades, tickets $ SOLD OUT

We can’t say for sure what Laced sound like (a newish band with members of Beach Fossil and Warthog)–BBs have given us no recordings, not even a Bandcamp with demos to chew on, grimace emoji–but based on their company at this show, we’re guessing they’re walking the line between garage and punk otherwise known as garage-punk.

Digital Prisoners of War aka Supriya Gunda and friends are straight outta Boston and bring some really heart felt vibes to relationshits rock. She’s got a little bit of that Dinosaur Jr. thing going on, which can be at least partially attributed to the fact that Murph (drummer of actual band Dinosaur Jr.) contributed to some tracks on Gunda’s 2014 record, casually defying physics.

And haaaa I bet you’re shocked to hear that tickets for this show sold out long ago. So, call me a broken record, but here’s to hoping you got your Parkay Quarts tickets ahead of time. [ND]


For the Condo Shoppers in Your Life

Veda Rays, White Wash, Bodega Bay, Young Runner, Lonesome Nick

Thursday February 12th, 8:30 pm at Muchmore’s, tickets: $ FREE

Ok, so here’s one to make up for listing a sold out show–a free, free as fuck show! Because it’s at Muchmore’s it may not be, like, super party time or anything– but really, if you find yourself in Williamsburg on Thursday evening what else could you be possibly doing if not shopping for that steal of a $5 million condo? Wait, you don’t have $5 million? You should really be watching your finances, dude. Veda Rays are an interesting, sort of unclassifiable indie affair. I hear some dance punk vibes, but then again they are just as comfortable flying their Western guitar freak flag. White Wash are a fun little garage band. Bodega Bay are adept at writing some majorly catchy garage diddies.

But wait, the line up doesn’t end there! Young Runner bring in their indie noise pop sounds (heh) while this mysterious “Lonesome Nick” is the wildcard– we have no idea what this dude’s got in store for the show, but blah blah blah one way to find out only. [ND]


Prepare to Be Trolled

Father John Misty, Guy Blakeslee

Thursday February 12th, 7:30 pm at Rough Trade, tickets: $25

and Saturday February 14th, 8 pm at the Bowery Ballroom, tickets $25

It remains to be seen whether or not ultimate weirdo singer-songwriter Father John Misty is actually an ordained minister of his Lordship, but one thing’s for certain this dude’s really good at crooning 70s lounge ballads. Straight facts about Father John aka Joshua Tillman of Fleetfoxes: for some reason Sub-Pop has signed him, he has a full head of hair, he’s been described as a “folk” singer, and he may or may not be trolling the world with this rendition of “Honey Bear.” Regardless of what’s actually going on here, this show can’t not be interesting. [ND]


Cavity Central 

The Britanys, Larry and the Babes, Acid Dad, Napoleon, Roofer’s Union

Thursday February 12th, 8 pm at the Silent Barn, tickets: $8 at the door

If cute-as-a-silken-button doo-wop rock is your thing, the Britanys might be your favorite band in town, or maybe it’s Larry and the Babes? But even the biggest Pop Tart (TM) fans can only handle to much sugar. Thankfully Acid Dad will bring the party to this Thursday night show, think hyped-up, Thee Oh Sees-esque psych garage. And, sorry to break it it you but a Brooklyn show wouldn’t be a Brooklyn show without its fair share of indie rock. Deal with it, this stuff (Napoleon, The Roofer’s Union) isn’t going anywhere for a long time. [ND]


Twerk the Pain Away

Waltz or Grind: Valentines Day at Aviv

Saturday February 14th, 8 pm at Aviv, tickets $10 with costume / $15 without costume at the door

Ahhhhh Valentine’s Day. I’m always so confused this time of year. Should I be angry? Should I be upset because I’m going to die alone? But isn’t getting pissed off and feeling desperate enough that I’m debating contact someone on Tinder exactly what they want? I’m talking of course about the Valentine’s Day Industrial Complex– restaurants, flower shops, candy stores– like clearly, the most evil corporate entities I can think of. These monsters expect you to pay for dinner and dessert, contribute to the death of millions upon millions of innocent flowers each year, and gobble candy corn or whatever until you turn into a guest on Jerry Springer.

If you ask me, this whole Valentine’s thing’s bound to eat its own tail. You know, because of capitalism and all that stuff. The New York Times told me we’ve officially reached late capitalism, which definitely means Valentine’s Day really only has a few years left.

Uhhh sorry I lost my train of thought. Right, OK so because the revolution is nigh, this is probably like your last chance to really live it up on V-day. And just your luck, Aviv is having a really rather weird, vaguely Renaissance get-together featuring those people who climb on ribbons that hang from the sky, watcha call em– right, practitioners of aerial acrobatixxx! Also there will be plenty of music to dance (aka embarrass yourself) to all night long including: “New York City’s only indie swing band,” the Pendulum Swings, Bad Buka (gypsy punks), and Bourgeois Bulletwound (“Vaudevillian Blues”).

And don’t forget your costume guys. Aviv is calling for guests to dress up as basically anything that would be acceptable at a college Halloween party– dominatrix, bride, maid of dishonor, pimp, sex machine, etc. [ND]


It’s a Dark, Cold World We Live In 

Pawns, Bootblacks, Tiers, Second Still

Friday February 13th, 8 pm at Aviv, tickets: $8 at the door, fool

I know I’m not alone in this one guys, but I really can’t get enough of the all the throwback post-punk bands doing their thing around the city these days. Bring me back to a time before we were unfeeling, post-Internet monsters, when people actually needed drugs to dull their senses– ahhh the ’80s. A

viv put together an excellent lineup for all us Joy Division lovers out there, including Pawns (who sound rather a lot like the aforementioned band and sometimes do the Bauhaus thing too), Bootblacks (played a QT lil show with Anasazi back in January you may remember), Tiers (icey as hellll cold wave), and Second Still. It’s the perfect Friday the 13th show if you ask us. [ND]


Girls, Girls, Girls

Priests, Mannequin Pussy, Sports, Leggy

Friday February 13th, 8 pm at Baby’s All Right, tickets: $8 with prom costume / $10 without

Indie Pop Prom the Third is happening at Baby’s All Right this weekend, which means a full lineup of badass bitches. We’ve been on the horn about Priests for a minute now, so you are probably already sold on this one. But you should also get excited about Amanda X, old fashioned rock n’ roll from Philadelphia with that ’90s Elastica charm. Joining Amanderz are our old pals from Mannequin Pussy, who are sure to bring the nastiest set of the evening. City of brotherly love my butt! More like sisterly love…

Also, I’m obligated to tell you again and again I’m a huge fan of most things that come out of Ohio, even if it’s power pop punk like Sports and Leggy. If it’s music from the Midwest, I don’t care how long it’s been touching the dirty floor– give it to me and I’ll eat it. [ND]


Come for the Snacks, Stay For the Gameboy

Nullsleep, Infinity Speed, Maxo, Adventure

Friday February 13th, 11:55 pm at Palisades, tickets: 8 bones at the door

If you’re a real trooper, stay up late for this end-of-night show dedicated to experimental electronic music. You won’t be disappointed with either Nullsleep‘s modular-synth / Gameboy set up, or the minimal proto-electronic beats of Infinity Shred (also check out their tripped-out, Cosmonaut-inspired music video). Maxo has some interesting nerdcore mashups, we’re not sure how they’ll translate to a late night party scene, but we haven’t lost faith just yet. And things are guaranteed to get weird what with visuals and “midnight snacks.” [ND]


Jungle Beats

Trabajo, L00K, Steve Sobs, Many Mansions, It Is Rain In My Face

Saturday February 14th , 8 pm at Trans Pecos, tickets: $8

You know what you should do on Valentine’s day? How about letting go and not spending too much time at the emotional Olympics. You will not have a hard time doing that if you wander over to Trans Pecos with or without a partner. This is a night of blissed-out electronica and rhythmic dance beats. It is Rain On My Face and Steve Sobs have dreamy voices that float over well placed electronic beats.

Many Mansions are experts of the psychedelic slow jam; so beautiful and so sexy. L00k grows out the playful electronics of Reptar, but offer up their own danceable beats. Finally, there is the church of Trabajo. The duo summon a sound and energy that is completely their own and instantly infectious. An organized cacophony of gamelan samples, heavy beats, glorious psychedelica, and detours into Krautrock. You will not be disappointed by this bill, but you might be converted. [Sarah Lutkenhaus]