Ask a Cabbie: Any Tips for Dealing with the Cold?

03/11/2015 6:36 AM |
Illustration by Katie Narduzzo

Hailed in: Lower East Side
Hails from: Brooklyn

I got a hat and earmuffs, and I wear a lot of sweaters that cover my neck. I used to wear a ski mask, but one time I put it on in a 7-Eleven and everyone freaked because, obviously, a black man putting on a mask has to be getting ready to rob the place, right? (What happened?) There was a cop there, and he kind of tensed up and asked me what I was doing until he realized I was just leaving, like every other fucking person putting on their stuff to go outside.


Hailed in: Hell’s Kitchen
Hails from: Queens

It sounds crazy, but on really bad days I’ll get a paper and wrap pages around myself. I used to live on the streets, and that’s one of the first things you learn, to use newspaper. (How long did you do that?) Oh, just a month or two. I had dropped out of high school, wanted away from my parents, blah blah blah, teenager crap, but my friends kept kicking me out of their places; eventually I just gave up and went home. (Are some papers better than others?) Well, it has to be really cold to do this; it’s kind of a last-resort thing, so I’ll just grab whatever I can find. AM New York is free, so probably that.


Hailed in: Astoria
Hails from: Dominican Republic

I don’t know what to tell you except to wear a lot of clothes. A lot of clothes. I think it’s better to cover everything, rather than to have a lot of layers—like, I’d rather wear gloves and a coat rather than no gloves and two sweaters. My hands get so cold when I pump gas, even if I’m only outside for a minute. Every driver you see, everyone has their hands right on top of their heater while they drive, trying to heat up.


Hailed in: Fort Greene
Hails from: India

I don’t really have any advice. I eat a lot of heavy food during the winter, stews and curries, those help a lot more than sandwiches, even if you eat them cold. Also, drink a lot of hot tea. Some delis will let you fill up a thermos with hot water for free, and I do that even when I’m in the car all day. Keeps your blood from freezing.