Ask a Cabbie: What’s the Biggest Misconception Non-Residents Have About New York?

03/25/2015 7:32 AM |



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Um, I think tourists think we take a lot more cabs and Ubers than we actually do. I get a lot of tourists who only want to go a couple blocks, and I think it’s because that’s how tourists think New Yorkers get around. [Maybe they don’t know how to use public transit.] Maybe. That’s probably it, and actually that’s probably a better answer: Everyone thinks the trains are really hard, but they’re not once you get used to them. They’re tons better than what other cities have.



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A lot of tourists always complain about it being so expensive, but New York really doesn’t have to be that expensive. Obviously rent is bad, but tourists aren’t paying rent. People complain about how much their lunch was at the Hard Rock Cafe, and it’s like, don’t go to Hard Rock. Of course the city will be bad if you go to Broadway shows and stay in midtown, but you can definitely find a lot of ways to be here without spending millions. Pizza is a dollar a slice now.



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Everyone expects New York to be very unfriendly, even dangerous. I’ve lived here 10 years and have never had any kind of really bad thing happen. I’ve never been robbed or mugged, and I think I’ve only heard of that happening to one friend, once. But everyone thinks they’re in danger all the time. [There are a lot of unflattering depictions in movies, I think.] Yes! I watched Taxi Driver and it was terrifying, but it’s a completely different city now. I think tourists are also surprised when I’m nice to them. “Yes, there are New Yorkers who are polite, and Muslims who don’t want to kill you.”



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I don’t think people expect it to be so crowded. Everywhere you go here there’s a line, or there are crowds in the subway or on the sidewalk. You should’ve seen this one family I had once, the way they was complaining because they had to wait 10 minutes to get a table in a diner in Times Square. [I’ve heard of tourists asking hotel concierges for recommendations for a nice, inexpensive restaurant they can go to near Times Square on New Year’s Eve.] Ha! Exactly. Oh man, what dumbasses.