The Best Old (and New!) Movies On a Big Screen This Week: NYC Repertory Cinema Picks, March 4-10

03/04/2015 8:21 AM |


Métamorphoses (2014)
Directed by Christophe Honoré
Earthbound, set in a prosaic present, and teeming with nonprofessional actors, the myths and tales making up Ovid’s epic poetry cycle are given the anti-star but still gloriously corporeal treatment in Honoré’s sensual, mythic, and wily adaptation. Here Europa (Amira Akili) is a high-schooler swept up by the fickle gods: seduced by a lascivious, beefcake Jupiter (Sebastien Hirel), lectured by a jaded, hipster Bacchus (Damien Chapelle), and enthralled by a mystical Orpheus (George Babluani). Pasolini’s “Trilogy of life” (Decameron, Canterbury Tales, Arabian Nights) will loom as influences, but Honore’s Métamorphoses is a far less ecstatic, trading Pasolini’s riot for observation and melancholy. Closer the chest, Métamorphoses is modern day panoply of enduring ritual, flawed divinity, and lovely, human frailty. Jeremy Polacek (Part of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema’s 2015 program. Mar 8, 9:15pm with Honoré in person, Mar 9, 2pm at the Film Society of Lincoln Center; Mar 9, 8pm with with Honoré in person at BAM; Mar 10, 7pm with Honoré in person at IFC Center)