Ask a Cabbie: What Are You Going to Use Your Tax Refund On?

04/22/2015 6:27 AM |
Illustration by Katie Narduzzo

Hailed in: Fort Greene
Hails from: Florida

Well, my big plan is to fix this. [Holds up an iPhone with a cracked screen.] I literally had this for an hour and a half before I dropped it, and because I just got it, I didn’t have a case. I don’t even remember what it’s like to use a phone that isn’t cracked; you have to touch it a different way because there are parts of the screen that don’t read your finger well. So that’s my plan. Anything else goes to credit cards and student loans.


Hailed in: Midtown
Hails from: Queens

Well, I’m not getting much money back, but my big plan is to buy a bike for my son. He’s young, and has never had a bike, so that’s the first thing we’re doing. The rest is just going to go into savings.


Hailed in: Gramercy Park
Hails from: San Diego

It’s all going into my big travel fund. I’m saving up to go to Europe this fall, so for now I’m not spending any money. Right now I have about $800 put away, and I’m hoping that my refund will give me enough that I can book my plane tickets at least, because those get more expensive the longer you wait. [Where are you going?] I don’t know yet, I’m kind of waiting to see what the cheapest flight is. London would be great, or Paris or Berlin. I’ve never been to Europe so I’m pretty flexible.


Hailed in: Chelsea
Hails from: Boulder

I have so many debts that I can’t even begin to think of a fun thing to spend it on. I’m hoping to pay off one of my credit cards this year, but my rent is so much that it’s hard to put any of my money to that if I also want to keep eating. I’m getting to the point where I may rent out my couch on AirBNB to bring some extra cash in. [What would you blow it on if you didn’t have debt to pay down?] Um… I’ve always wanted to drink a really expensive scotch, so that’s the first thing that comes to mind. But I’m so poor, I don’t even drink anymore!