Ask a Cabbie: Hillary for President?

04/08/2015 10:42 AM |

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I guess I’ll probably end up voting for her, but do I have to think about this now? The election is so far away, almost two years away. I hate that we’re already talking about it. By the time it happens we’re just going to hate everyone running. Someone will say something, and everyone will scream about it. Then Clinton will say something, and everyone will scream about that. I really think we should not be allowed to talk about the election until six months before. Maybe less.



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I didn’t live here when she was in the White House [as First Lady], so I don’t know her like Americans do. My daughter admires her a lot; she likes how Clinton talks so much about women’s rights, especially in Africa. If she helps that as president, I think she would be a great president, but I don’t know what a president should do to help the economy or with taxes, except [to] lower mine.


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I like her, sure. She’s definitely the smartest person running, or if she’s not her husband is. I love Bill. Honestly, anyone would be better than any of the Republicans running. Ted Cruz, ugh. All those guys would be like Bush all over again. (Even Jeb Bush!?) Oh, I forgot about him! Yeah I can’t stand any of those guys. I don’t know that Hillary would be my first choice, but she’s definitely better than them.


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Nah, I’m not that into her running. Everything she does seems so calculated. Everything she says, you know her people went and tested it to make sure it wasn’t going to offend anyone. She’s a very politician-y kind of politician, and I hate that. Plus she has so much baggage, so many scandals, it’s exhausting to think about having that for eight years. And also, I’m sick of the same families running over and over. No more Clintons, no more Bushes.