#Tribeca 2015: Serious Business

04/23/2015 9:00 AM |

the overnight

The Overnight
Directed by Patrick Brice

Their house, the alarmingly chipper couple explains, runs on European rules, so you American squares really need to get over your helicopter parenting and sexual hang-ups. It’s an idea that’s both tantalizing and unnerving to Alex and Emily (played by Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, both working in their wheelhouses but excellent), who throughout the course of The Overnight will find their marital bond strengthened and threatened, sometimes simultaneously.

Much of the charm of this very charming movie comes from the way this change happens, and to say anymore would not only spoil the fun, but also the issues of insecurity that it sincerely considers. (Early reviews have already spilled the beans on the film’s most notorious moment; avoid reading too much if you’re planning on going.) In brief, Emily and Alex’s new bohemian friends are played by Judith Godreche and Jason Schwartzman, the latter of whom gives one of his most Schwartzman-ian performances; dig the way he pronounces “France” as “Fronce.” They have just as many issues as our heroes, and while they all can’t be solved in a night, the attempt to do so is often hilarious, sometimes insightful, and always entertaining.

Upcoming Tribeca Film Festival screening: 9pm Thursday, April 23. Theatrical release beginning June 19 in NYC