This Week in Live Music: Twangy Garage, Band-in-a-Blender, and Cross-Pollinations Happening All Month Long

04/07/2015 4:07 PM |
Nervosas via Facebook

Welcome back to another installment of the best music list known to man, rated #1 on a Buzzfeed List titled, “10 Absolutely Stunning Brooklyn Music Listicles That Will Change Your Life Forever.” Sorry, we know you’re dying to see the other local music run downs that made the list, but we couldn’t find the link for some reason. Shrugs. But fact is, you really only need one number one music list in your life, am I right? Thought so. Enjoy and trust in us.



The HUM Series

Monday nights, 10 pm throughout the month of April @ Manhattan Inn: FREE

Cross pollination is so hot right now. So of course a bunch of Brooklyn-based musicians were bound to get together with a gaggle of video artists and make some crazy love child. Greenpoint’s darkest bar with a piano (that neighborhood has a lot of dark bars, that’s why it rules) will play host to this motley crew of performance bandits each Monday night. Collaborators include the likes of Erin Fein (Psychic Twin), Alyse Lamb (EULA), and Jen Goma (A Sunny Day in Glasgow) just to name a few. Though most of the artists sprout from pop and indie rock backgrounds (because duh, this is Brooklyn),there’s a good chance things could get weird, judging by the breadth of artists participating. Multiple performances will go down each night, so even if you swing by a little later you’re bound to catch at least one multimedia mash up. Next week, deli and Ashley Jackson perform, along with Elizabeth & the Catapult, Hannah Epperson, Indigo Street (of Shy Hunters), and Shelley Burgon. Projections will be provided by Sofy Yuditskaya.


The Sock Hop

Fletcher C. Johnson, Divers, Big Eyes, Friend

Wednesday April 8th, 8 pm @ Palisades: $8

A fun little mixed bag of treats for Wednesday night. Fletcher C. Johnson swing-sway twang rock from the country-bumpkinest place on earth, the humble borough of Brooklyn. At first I closed my eyes to try and guess where the anthemy pop tunes of Divers come from. I was thinking close to home, East Coast at least, but was shocked to find they’re straight outta Portland, Oregon– which tbh, I wasn’t sure produced anything but crust punk or the next Mumford and his Bastard Sons these days. Interesting. But the real draws for this show are the locals, I’m gonna be real. Big Eyes is led by Kait Eldridge who has a driving, powerful voice at the head of a skuzzy pop punk band. She sounds bossy and so does this band.


Requisite Shred Night

Nervosas, Flykills, Flippants, Breaking Sounds

Thursday April 9th, 8 pm @ Acheron: $10

A night to remind us that post-punk isn’t just about hollow, gothy vibes– there’s real shredding to be done and Nervosas demonstrates that on full blast. Although I gotta say I’m lol’ing a bit over the fake (?) British accent happening here because according to bandcamp (i.e. center of all things sacred, a place where lies are never, never uttered) they’re from Columbus, Ohio. Flykills are doing that band-in-a-blender thing a la Coneheads– total voice distortion, attempting to sound something like a mini-monster trapped in a bottle– which I am 100 percent A-OK with. Also aboard the loose goose, nasty bass train are the Flippants, though with a touch of classic lady punk moan vocals thanks to front person, Ruthy.


Hair Flip Garage

Ttotals, the Yin Yangs, Mark Perro and Holly Overton, Heavy Birds

Wednesday April 8th, 8 pm @ Shea Stadium: $8 at the door

Diggin this Nashville band, Ttotals, as hard as their name is to spurt out our lips. They have a rather bluesy, even maybe a shoegazy sort of psych bent. Definitely our pick this week for a heady space-out sesh. Add in the Yin Yangs, another garage act we’re rather fond of, though these are hometown broads. These guys are hellbent on distorting their instruments, voices, and any other noisemaking way, way beyond rock n’ roll recognition. Rock is dead. Long live nasty noise makers. Dr. Nasty says go.

whirr copy

Dawn of Fuzz

Whirr, Adventures, Surprise Guest

Wednesday April 8th, 8 pm @ Shea Stadium: $12 in advance / $14 at the door

Hey! This show includes a surprise! Which means, get excited. Put on your party hat and get to BB’s tomorrow night for Whirr, a pleasantly fuzzy bliss-core rock band from the West Coast. But wait, we hope you have your tickets already because you better believe this show is sold the F out. I mean look at this flyer. SERIOUS SHOW HAPPENING. Our advice? Roll up to the bar at BB’s, order a drank, and wait for fortunate ticket-holding people to get clearly get stood up by their dates and become less than fortunate souls right before your very eyes. Offer to comfort and console them, and you’re in! Simple as pie.


Kill Your Idols

Vomitface, Big Cheese, Wade, Night Screams

Friday April 10th, 8 pm @ Kings County Saloon: $5

Who knew Kings County Saloon had shows worth going to? The once-OK, now-choch fest of a bar can be something of an embarrassingly good time, occasionally. But if there’s one night you’re going to end up there, this is it. Vomitface (pop punk, despite the name– don’t be fooled) and Big Cheese (screamy grunge-core) will be there, but Wade is maybe more of a draw with their wack job, explosive noise fits. We’re guessing Night Screams are a newish thing– only one track on the web guys?!– but they’re making us jiggle to surfy, crack-a-lack garage vibes.