Ask a Cabbie: What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

06/17/2015 9:52 AM |



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Well how much did I win? [Let’s say $10 million after taxes and everything.] Ten mil, OK. Well first, pay off my credit card. My brother also has debt, from student loans, so I’d help him out. I feel like I should probably give something to everyone in my family, since none of us are rich. After that I’d want to move out of my neighborhood, so I’d probably want to buy some amazing apartment in Manhattan, maybe in the Village or one of those luxury apartments that are going up. [I’m not sure you’d have enough left over.] Maybe not. Well, I could afford a better place than I have now, at least.


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You know what I’d want to do? I’d want to start a business. Go to some neighborhood that needs jobs and hire a ton of people and pay them well. Do something worthwhile, and if I make money in the process, great. [What kind of business?] I’ve done all kinds of odd jobs, maintenance work, car repairs, so probably something like that. Or if someone has a better idea, hire them to come in and run it for me.


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A friend and I have always talked about opening up a restaurant or a food truck, and I guess a lottery would be enough to start that. I don’t play the lotto, though. I used to play a lot of those scratch-off ones but it was a waste of money. I never won anything. But yeah, a restaurant, or I’d just retire and find a beach somewhere. [What kind of restaurant?] We have a lot of recipes that have been in our family for a while, and we’d make those. Some barbecue, pies, all kinds of things.


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Well, I’d quit my jobs, of course, pay off my debts. I think I’d want to go back to school. I got my GED and if I want to start doing night classes or community college or something, since it’s impossible to get any kind of good job without a degree. If I suddenly had millions, the bigger thing would be that it would give me time to do that, since you can’t really go to school while working multiple jobs. So that’s what I’d want to do. [What would you study?] Probably law.