What Not to Miss at Northside 2015

06/04/2015 1:25 PM |


The true beginning of summer is a matter of debate: Some people feel that summer kicks off on Memorial Day weekend, some don’t feel like the season really gets going till 4th of July. Others dismiss all this talk of when it “feels” like summer by pointing out that it actually begins on the solstice, June 21. And while all of these summer-sentiments are valid enough (especially the solstice-contingent, because that’s just logic), here at the L, we feel like summer only really begins with the launch of our parent company’s Northside Festival, now entering its 7th year.

Sure, maybe (definitely) we’re biased here, but think about it: Is there anything more summery than spending warm days and nights wandering around as if all of north Brooklyn was one big block party? What is summer, after all, if not a celebration? And that’s what Northside does best, it celebrates the worlds of music, film, and tech, and invites all of Brooklyn (and beyond) to the party. And what a party it is! There’s over 400 bands, 150 speakers, and 50 films spread out over seven days. But how will you see it all? Well, you won’t. But maybe with the help of our guide to Northside, you’ll manage to make your own method for dealing with the madness, and get the most out of all Northside has to offer. See ya there.


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  • Isn’t the premise of this article flawed? It seems to imply that there are some things at Northside that you *can* miss. Why miss anything? If you buy a pass, you should get your money’s worth and see everything.