What Not to Miss at Northside Film

06/03/2015 4:40 PM |

Now in its 6th year, Northside Film continues its tradition of showcasing independent filmmakers to new audiences. This year, though, marks the beginning of the inclusion of episodics (TV shows, web series) at Northside programming, as well as music videos, which serve to demonstrate the many different ways that filmmakers are exploring their craft. Here are some of the things we’re most excited about this year.

Four Feature Films to Check Out

The Winds That Scatter
(dir. Christopher Bell)

An eye-opening look at the trials and tribulations of Ahmed, a Syrian refugee who is trying to navigate his way through New York City and its available employment opportunities. Though he is at first full of optimism and hope about his future, Ahmed soon must confront the bleak prospects that America has on offer.
9pm June 10 Uniondocs (World Premiere)

They Look Like People
(dir. Perry Blackshear)

Shot in Greenpoint by local filmmaker Blackshear, They Look Like People is a story that riffs on the consummate neurotic New Yorker motto: Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.
7:30pm June 8 at Nitehawk (New York premiere)

Aspie Seeks Love
(dir. Julie Sokolow)

This already award-winning documentary is a beautiful, heartfelt look at what it means to find love for a man who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 41. Managing to be not only thought-provoking, but also downright inspiring, this isn’t a film you’ll soon forget.
7pm June 9 at Uniondocs

Tired Moonlight
(dir. Britni West)

This film has been racking up accolades left and right since it first premiered earlier this year. Described as being a “a love-letter to the unpunctuated Facebook life histories of those forgotten by time and family, sleepovers and fried chicken with 4-year-old girls, and a slew of phone calls from middle-aged men at 2am,” Tired Moonlight is all of that, yes, but is also a poignant look at the dreams to which we say goodbye as our lives trudge unremarkably on, only rarely punctuated by anything noteworthy or beautiful.
7:30pm June 9 at Nitehawk (Brooklyn Premiere)

Four Episodics to Check Out

Brand new this year, the episodics programming includes pilots and web series—you know, the types of short films that best reflect the way we’re really consuming filmmaking now? There will even be an episodic category in the juried competition, which will be judged by experts in the field, like Todd Bieber of UCB, Josh Poole of Above Average, and Charles Gariepy of SundanceTV. Here are four episodics that we’re pretty excited to see.


Myrna The Monster
(dir. Ian Samuels)

A heartbroken alien dreamer from the moon transitions into young adult life in Los Angeles like any other 20-something.
Shorts Blocks I 7pm June 9 Videology

(dir. Danya Abt and Samantha Richardson)

A portrait of a family-owned flower shop—Nelly’s—on the southside of Williamsburg.
Documentaries Blocks II 7pm June 10 Uniondocs

Night Life
(dir. Erica Smith)

Somewhere in the shadows of Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, a young woman spends her nights alone, lurking in internet chat rooms and meticulously constructing a ‘vision board’ of an ideal future, while her real life crumbles around her.
Shorts Blocks II 9pm June 9 Videology

(dir. Sarah Salovaara)

A food conscious shut-in has a relentless neighbor who needs a ride to the locksmith.
Shorts Blocks I 7pm June 9 Videology

We’ll Find Something
(dir. Casey Gooden)

A couple struggles to choose a restaurant while visiting New York—a highly relatable nightmare.
Shorts Blocks V 9pm June 10 Videology

Comic Book Heaven
(dir. E.J. McLeavey-Fisher)

A short documentary which follows 81-year-old Joe Leisner, owner of Comic Book Heaven in Sunnyside, Queens, as he cantankerously assesses the status of his business, the comic book industry, and his future.
Documentaries Blocks I 7pm June 8 Uniondocs

(dir. Tim Marshall)

When an elderly woman sees a vision of Jesus on the shorts of a young African man at her swimming class, she befriends him, believing God has sent him to free her from loneliness.
Shorts Blocks IV 7pm June 10 Videology