A Letter From the Publisher

07/15/2015 10:30 AM |


In 2005, I was driving a delivery truck for a living when The L Magazine took me on as an unpaid intern.

Two weeks later, I quit both the delivery job and the internship for a paying gig at some baloney website. And then when that fell apart three months later, I returned, hat in hand, to The L, which graciously took me back as an intern. At that point, I made a commitment to learn everything I could about every aspect of the company. I’ve had the great fortune over the last ten years to help develop Brooklyn Magazine (which, by the way, is increasing circulation and going monthly), the Northside Festival, SummerScreen, Taste Talks, BAMbill, and dozens of other projects. I’ve struggled and triumphed alongside hundreds of contributors, but most especially with a cadre of loyal veterans. And all of this was born of The L; all of these things—the events, the other publications, the cadre—all carry with them the spirit of The L Magazine, a free, bi-weekly, pocket-sized publication that always punched above its weight.

As Wallace Stevens wrote: When the blackbird flew out of sight / It marked the edge / Of one of many circles. The L Magazine has marked the edge of all we continue to do here, of all who have made Northside Media what it is, of all it will continue to be.

Thanks to every one of you who’ve picked up a copy of this magazine over the years.

Nick Burry
CEO & Publisher

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