Sponsored Video: Finding Hidden Treasures at the Krylon 127 Yard Sale

10/19/2015 8:55 AM |


There’s something kind of magical about finding a special piece at a yard sale. It takes a certain skill set, but if you have it you know there’s a warm-and-fuzzy, rewarding feeling that comes from spotting gold (not literally…but, like, maybe literally, if you’re lucky?) in a pile of bits and pieces someone has discarded. We appreciate the people who look at what could be considered a pile of junk and see the potential for something amazing.

As you can see above, that’s just what the Krylon crew did with their 127 Yard Sale. Led by Amy Devers (a jack-of-all trades whose pursuits include furniture designer, carpenter, TV personality, and design blogger) set out along Highway 127 for the world’s longest yard sale. They traveled 690 miles, stopping along the way to discover objects that they knew could be revived with nothing more than a fresh coat of paint. Throughout their travels, the crew picked up 127 hidden treasures and gave them new life with unique Krylon products and finishes.

But the journey didn’t end after this road trip. Instead, all 127 items were put up for sale in Pinterest’s first-ever online yard sale. In the spirit of giving, proceeds from these sales benefit Charity Wings Arts and Crafts Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire people of all ages to gather, give back, and create art.

Want to snag one of these amazing pieces for yourself? Check out the sale here! And if you’re more interested in sprucing up something for yourself, head to the “projects” section to get inspired by excellent DIY tips from the Krylon crew. Either way, we know you’ll come out with something distinctly beautiful. 

This post is sponsored by Krylon.